Progressives, Stand FIRM: Remember the Patriot Act and Warrant-less Wire Tapping

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I wrote this letter to Paul LaMonica in response to his article at titled This isn't just a Wall Street Bailout.

I have grown steadily weary of the calls to suck it up and just let the greedy corrupt bastards in Congress and the financial markets dictate how this bailout is going to be run. And after revelations that even the minimal oversight in this bill is an absolute farce, I've had it.

Let them burn. Read my full letter to Paul below the break. The block quotes are bits I've added specifically for this diary.

That said, I definitely understand the perspective of those nearing retirement or in retirement, but what's better. React out of fear and give these people everything they want, the very people who made the mess we're in, or take a step back and actually implement bits that will keep this from happening again?

My mother is 10 years from retirement. My father is a little closer. My aunts and uncles are all 49-56. My grandmother is 78 and in retirement while my grandfather passed away years ago.

I definitely have a lot of pain and empathy for those nearing retirement or in retirement. But we can't be willing to sacrifice the future stability of our market in the fear of today.

Remember the Patriot Act. Remember Warrant-less Wire Tapping. Both, and more, passed out of fear and paralysis.

And we've regretted it ever since.

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BREAKING VIDEO - Obama appeared at the RNC!

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I was shocked at how the MSM was able to keep this under wraps!

Video evidence of the stunning development is below.

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Keep Fighting! We're On The Cusp of a Landslide.

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I believe this election is on the cusp of becoming a landslide for Obama, and I believe that's why the McCain campaign panicked and chose Palin at the last minute without vetting her.

We keep seeing diaries with the latest Gallup, Rasmussen, CBS, etc polling showing a tightening or expanding race. But one thing I have not seen anyone do yet is put this in historical perspective.

Once you do that, you see just how strong Obama is in this election cycle, and why the republicans are so dispirited and downtrodden.

This, more than any other election in my 31 years, is ours to lose. We MUST keep fighting, not only to win, but to utterly decimate the republican party nationwide.

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Obama Retrieved My Vote. Palin Reopened My Wallet.

Two months ago I was so embittered by Obama's lack of support for our constitutional rights that I withdrew my $450 donation to his campaign, removed myself from all of the campaign mailing lists, and vowed to myself that I was not going to vote this November.

Last week the DNC, and in particular Obama's speech, touched me so greatly that my vote for him was restored.

On Tuesday, Joe Lieberman touched me so greatly that I decided to start calling every state I can on every weekend from now until the election passes.

On Wednesday, Sarah Palin reopened my wallet and restored my full-throated support to Obama.

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Six of Nine

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Something dawned on me as I contemplated the upcoming Presidential Election. We are about to witness one of the greatest turning overs of the Supreme Court in the history of the United States.

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