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    Wow a good blog to read again.  I can't handle most of the old blogs I used to read because they either rip conservatives all day or hate everything Obama does.  I have always been a little to the left but not much more than that and just happen to have a creepy man crush on the O Man.  

    Thank you so much for showing me that site.  I will check it out.

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    come on by the moose?  You must explain this to me.  If you don't I'll just assume you are flirting with me:P

    I only read a few select diarists nowadays on here and you are always the first I look for.  

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    I still love ya.


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    I am actually a business teacher here in MO and I can tell you that this is not trickle down economics.  It is either A.  Obama being moderate in a country that is actually overwhelming moderate or B.  A pretty impressive ploy to get the Republicans on board.  

    I have been a huge Obama supporter from day one and my faith has not wavered at all since then.  But what has been funny to me has been how much faith has wavered in the progressive movement.  I used to label myself as a "flaming liberal", but after what I have seen this past election and the past month maybe I am really just a moderate like everyone else.  I can remember checking Dkos and sites like this multiple times a day, now I just read regular news because I cannot stomach hearing what the liberal movement thinks anymore.

  • Obama didn't do anything wrong so I am not sure why your all pissy about it.  

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    its a red state where the incumbent won.  Not a whole lot to see here.  I think most people are going through election withdrawal and are trying to read more into a run off than they should

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    i probably shouldn't have thrown alegre's blog out there.  I read her's first then TD's, which is probably why I listed her there because of how insane TD's was.  

    So I apologize to the internet gods for lumping Alegre in with TD.  

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    I am a 27 year old teacher here in MO and I plan on running for local office at some point in my life.  I have a master's in education and am a boring white dude.  There would be about a 5% chance of me surviving a primary here, and I am a free market liberal which may not go over well in my area.  But I am from rural Missouri and could probably do well with those types of voters.

    Maybe I could get Canadian Gal to fly down and help me out:P

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    I am trying to figure out why I took the time to read texas darlin and alegre's blogs.  I can handle hannity, NRO, Free Republic.  But those two's blogs just make me shake my head and wonder what it is like to live in a world where every candidate you disliked is a part of a James Bond criminal organization like SPECTRE.  Or maybe they think the SD-6 group from Alias is real as well.  

    Happy thanksgiving to all.

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    I am very happy with how things have gone.  This may blow your minds, but moderates like me did not want to exchange one extreme regime for another.  I am a liberal at heart, but I want good common sense government above all.  I voted for Obama and supported him from the day he announced because I believed he was a pragmatic and very intelligent human being.  

    The netroots can be angry, but we will never get universal health care or other big initiatives passed if we simply try to ram everything down the conservatives throats.  

    Worthless example:  My girlfriend's mother simply loathed Obama through the election.  She claimed he was a Muslim, the anti christ, socialist, etc.  But now she has come around and actually called us crying while apologizing for the things she said about him.  My point is that if Obama comes out and asks her to support universal health care, she would back him because she trusts him now.

    In the end its not about left vs. right , its about governing effectively in a country that is more complicated than the simple us vs. them mentality.

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    well they would argue that we need the death star to combat jihadist terrorists:P

    I purpose that we always debate politics from a star wars or video game perspective:)

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    for some reason i thought you typed mytaclorines (star wars crap) instead of melatonin.  For a brief second I thought you were suggesting that Jindall was a Jedi.  

    I wonder how being a Jedi polls in the swing states?

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    I actually avoid ripping Palin around my republican friends because I want them to nominate her.  She would be a disaster as a national candidate.  If she went back to Alaska and spent 2 years keeping a low profile and building up a good pool of knowledge on policy, she could have an average chance at winning the nomination.  But I am willing to bet she will surround herself with people who like her and will enter the primaries surrounded by yes people who will do her a massive injustice.  The biggest problem for her is going to be that she now has a massive bulls eye on her back from the point of view of the other contenders.  Limbaugh and Hannity are actually hurting her by making her the obvious threat for someone else who wants a shot at the title.  I can't see her surviving politically for 4 years with the other contenders trying to destroy her.  A good example would be if Obama had been the front runner after 2004.  By the primaries Hillary (or the whole field) would have destroyed him and we would be having a much different conversation.

    I am more worried about Jindall or the scenario with Crist as a previous poster mentioned.  Crist could lock down Florida and Jindall is actually a really good Governor.  

    But I am going back to my self imposed exile because I am kind of interested in how this governing thing works out before I start obsessing about another election.

  • Since I am done with political blogs for the next year I figured I would hop on here one last time.  For all of the people like you who doubted, bitched, whined, and complained...

    kiss my butt


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    as far as I know, most pollsters won't release any new polls tomorrow.  


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