• ...the central message of the Obama campaign. The one based on new politics.  

    Gee all the mudslinging against her has worked to well so far..NOT!   Most has been pathetic and easily brushed aside, making it harder if substantive issued do come out.  That list of books she wanted to ban for instance.

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    done on "scandals" I say we stick to issues.  Ain't that the horse that brung us?

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt John McCain the GOP candidate.  If we cant slam him on the issues we are in the wrong business

  • "Maybe Bill can talk some sense into Obama on Thursday."

    Considering how well he did with Hillary's campaign, I dont really see this as a panacea.  If Bill still had his touch Hillary would be the nominee

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    What do you mean by that?  Now that he is the candidate aren't we all supposed to be Obama supporters?  Are you hoping for a McCain victory for some reason?

    He is the party Candidate and he deserves a lot better than this

  • Rev Wright has been forgotten.  We push the message that churches count and we can get the push back using him and we get the wonderful videos of him adorning the airwaves.

    Why is everybody so scared of Palin that we are resorting to this.  Hit her on the facts, the issues.  If we get into a mudslinging game with the GOP we play right into their hands

  • ...but she is only the VP.  We should not start engaging in "the battle of the churchs" unless you want to legitimize seeing Rev Wright on the news cycle again.  

    We would lose that one, remember its the uncommited center we are fighting for.

  • We are 0 for 2 in hidden scandal department, and so far all we have done is contribute to her popularity and let her skate on issues

    Isnt our campaign supposed to be the one where we dont wallow in the mud.

  • Lets waste more time on this type of thing.  I mean its not like we can win on the issues. Oh wait a minute WE CAN WIN ON THE ISSUES!

    Grow up people, stop peeping into keyholes and start using the issues.  My God, why are we afraid of the issues all of a sudden

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    But isn't this Biden's job?  Attack dog is supposed to be the VP candidates mission.  Can we stop being so namby-pamby and actually treat this like a real election now?

    If we are afraid of offending some people and driving them away I got a newsflash for you.  They weren't going to vote Obama anyway

    There is such a thing as being too nice

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    We have the issues on our side.  It does not matter who delivers the rebuttel.  Probably Joe Biden, since that is the VP Candidate's job.  Saying that we HAVE to have a woman deliver a message is ridiculous.  And it will make us look that way.  We have great candidates, the issues, and the polls.  Let's not all get carried away

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    ...that was "almost" true.  Please tell me we can get through this election cycle without talking in Bush Newspeak!

    Waste of bandwidth that could have backfired if it had been pushed.  Time to move along here friends.

  • If we cannot come up with better arguements against a devout follower of Pat Buchanan than this tabloid stuff we should stop blogging and take up knitting

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    move along, nothing to see here

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    We rightly complain about all the mudslinging about Obama begin secretly a muslim and not being born in the US, and we come up with this crap.  With the "evidence" straight out of the GOP playbook.  

    Have you any concept of how much sympathy you can raise for her?  How do we keep the high ground against the attacks on Obama if we will do the same things.  

    Its not like there is no substantive issues we can slam her on.

    Channel Dick Cheney somewhere else please.

    Obama must be saying to himself "God protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies myself"

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    "She also isn't very good at economics- see her last budget for Alaska, highest in the state's history"  Her last budget has a Surplus in the amount of about 5 Billion dollars.  They are talking about rebating money back to the voters.  This maybe one of the reasons her approval rating is 70-80%

    "She took campaign donations from oil companies while running for Lt. Governor (10% of her total contributions)"  When she took office in 2006 she pushed through tax increase on oil companies that added  $6 Billion to the state treasury.

    We need to go after her on issues, and views.  But we must not be sloppy about it or it will boomerang.

    A poll out asked which candidate would you like to meet.  Number 1 was Obama (naturally) #2 was Palin.  Likeability goes a long way in politics/campaigns


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