A little reminder

Not to distract from the most important problem facing the planet earth - avenging Hillary - I thought I'd take a moment to list a few far less important problems that might marginally influence the votes of people who aren't focused on that one most important issue:

Lesser Evils:

Third World Debt
Free Trade and Globalization
Corporate Corruption
Consumption and Consumerism
Sustainable Development
Fair Trade
Arms Control
Arms Trade
Conflicts in Africa
Energy Security
Illicit Drugs
Nuclear Proliferation
Middle East
War On Terror
Children, Conflicts & the Military
Human Rights and Justice Issues
Mainstream Media
Women's Rights
Child Rights
Rights of Indigenous People
Climate Change and Global Warming
Human Population
Natural Disasters
Nature and Animal Conservation
Disease; Global Killers
AIDS Around the World

Now, let's get back to Avenging Hillary and Voting for McCain!

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Farewell, Teddy.

The operation that Ted Kennedy is scheduled to undergo this morning will change him. I know this is true because I have witnessed it when a dear friend had the same diagnosis and treatment a few years back.

The Ted Kennedy we knew and loved will not emerge from the room. Part of him will be there - the essential part that his family will know, but he will be significantly impaired. This is a horrible disease. Let's all keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers today, and mourn the loss that we are going through - in slow motion.

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DNC Rules and Bylaws meeting

Different schools of thought here. If they do something other than exactly what she demands, andif Obama passes 2026 next Tuesday, and if Hillary appeals to the Credentials committee, do the Supers do something decisive?
 Do they surprise Hillary - give in to her demands, let the votes come in on Tuesday, let the Supers put it out of reach for Obama and - ironically put an end to her campaign by acceding to her silly formula?
 Or do they do nothing?

Place your bets:

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Veep: Who will Hillary Pick?

Now that Obama has forfeited his chance at the Presidency by failing to put together a strong and diverse coalition of supporters, by clearly losing at least 20 debates, of doing a shockingly inept job of fund raising and money managing, after an endless string of gaffes he handled poorly- topped off with blatant racism and sexism - it is time for him to concede the nomination to Hillary Clinton so that she can begin her General Election campaign against John McCain.

 Should she wait until after PR, SD, and MT vote - even though those places votes will not effect the outcome? Whom should she pick for Vice President? She has no weaknesses that require someone who out-wonks her in one policy arena or another... She connects so well with all types of Americans, so she needs no help with a particular constituency. She has vast experience at all levels of government, so she doesn't need to team up with either an executive or legislative powerhouse.

In fact, I think Hillary needs to do something historic with her pick. She should pick no one! She's healthy, and The Speaker of the House is enough of an emergency backstop.

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Operation "Rush " the Libertarian Barr

The threshold for a candidate to be included in the General Election debates is that they must poll at or above 15%. My proposal is that we assist the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr in reaching this threshold by pretending to support him - if and when we are contacted for our opinion by a polling organization.
 Rush Limbaugh has had a lot of fun screwing around with the Democratic Primary - I say that we turn the tables on this drug-addled gas-bag.
 I am not a Libertarian, and I don't think this is a risky strategy - the vast majority of Barr votes will be to the detriment of Grampy.

What do you think?

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