Sen. Carper on public option - "day one" no, "trigger" yes

Delaware Liberal reports that Democratic Senator Tom Carper of Delaware - who reportedly "doesn't oppose" a public option - would not support a public option plan that is "available on day one." Instead, Carper supports Olympia Snowe's "trigger" plan, AKA the "fall back" plan - where a public option health plan would ONLY be created if health insurance companies fail to cut costs and expand coverage after a specified period of time - presumably after collecting millions in government subsidies and spending it all on more tea parties and re-electing Chuck Grassley. This is virtually the same as the GOP's Medicare-D drug bill from the Bush Administration.

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Spam diaries deleted - please remove recs

UPDATE: The spam diaries were deleted - please withdraw all recommends from this diary.

The two "four point fatal" diaries below this one, aside from being gibberish, are advertising link spam (don't follow the links in it).

Please delete them. You can delete this one too, I imagine, lest some other two diaries get unfairly implicated when the spam ones get removed.

Update: The title refers to the two diaries below this on the recent diary list, not the rec list. I didn't expect this to be rec-listed, but good Lord, spam diaries are annoying. It's a little frustrating that we have quicker site administration over at Delaware Liberal, if you'll excuse my link to the state blog with the highest post density per capita and per square mile.

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A Constitutional Amendment Banning Civil Unions? In Delaware?

In Delaware, the state legislature can amend the constitution by passing a bill with a 2/3rds majority in 2 consecutive sessions. The people, and the governor, have no say in the matter.

Delaware Senate Bill 27 will ban ALL LEGAL UNIONS (ie, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships). Some state legislators have been fooled into thinking this just covers gay marriage. Church groups have been outcalling our state legislators 4 to 1 on this issue. PLEASE HELP!

The committee hearing is today. Call the Senate switchboard - (302) 744-4286 - and ask them to transfer you to the office of Senator Bunting, Katz, or Ennis. They are the swing votes on the committee.

  • This bill is bad for the economy - it will chase away entrepenuers

  • According to Gallup, 55% of Americans support Civil Unions, and Delaware is more socially progressive than the average state.

  • If this amendment passes, Delaware will become the ONLY state in the Northeast to ban Civil Unions.

Read below for the full text of my post on this subject from Delaware Liberal

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ACTION ALERT: Call now - Delaware Senate to Ban Civil Unions?

A tip from a reader at Delaware Liberal:

SB 27 by Venables has a hearing tomorrow at 1:00 PM in his committee(Small Business). This is a DE version of DOMA. It appears that the swing vote is George Bunting. Please contact his office at (302) 744-4286 and tell him to vote against this bill.

It's more than just the Delaware version of DOMA. Look at the text:

"A marriage between a man and a woman is the only legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state."

That would outlaw Civil Unions. Call the Delaware State Senate today!

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The Content Alliance

Diary A: Obama hasn't been inaugurated yet, but he already sucks! By Clinton Supporter
Diary B: Clinton Supporters are mouth-breathing morons! By Obama Supporter
Diary C: Can't we all just get along? By Reconciler

What do all these diaries have in common? They are about TEH DRAMA!

We need to change the subject.

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Latest Swing State Polls: Obama Expanding the Map

cross-posted at Election Inspection

Swing State Polls, below the flip, divided into 3 catgories:

Defense: States Kerry won (CT, MI, MN, NH, NJ, OR, PA, WI)

Red-to-Blue: States Kerry lost where Obama is winning or tied (CO, IA, MO, NM, OH, VA)

Frontiers: States where Obama is close behind McCain (AK, GA, FL, MS, NV, NC, ND)

The summary: Obama 317, McCain 221 if Obama wins Ohio; Obama 297, McCain 241 if Obama loses Ohio.

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Latest Swing State Polls: Obama vs. McCain

cross-posted at Election Inspection

Swing State Polls, below the flip, divided into 3 catgories:

Defense: States Kerry won (CT, MI, MN, NH, NJ, OR, PA, WI)
Red-to-Blue: States Kerry lost where Obama is winning or tied (CO, IA, MO, NM, OH, VA)
Frontiers: States where Obama is close behind McCain (FL, MS, NV, NC, ND)

The summary: Obama 317, McCain 221.

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Latest Senate Polls - leading in 7, close in 3-6 more

cross-posted from Election Inspection

Latest Senate Polls for 2008:

StateIncumbentPollDemCandidate%Rep Candidate%
ALSessionsRasmussen 5/27Figures29Sessions62
AKStevensResearch 2000 5/12-5/14Begich48Stevens43
COAllardRasmussen 5/19Mark Udall47Schaffer41
GAChamblissStrategic Vision (R) 5/9-5/11Vernon Jones29Saxby Chambliss (i)58
GAChamblissStrategic Vision (R) 5/9-5/11Dale Cardwell27Saxby Chambliss (i)57
GAChamblissStrategic Vision (R) 5/9-5/11Rand Knight25Saxby Chambliss (i)58
GAChamblissStrategic Vision (R) 5/9-5/11Josh Lanier24Saxby Chambliss (i)57
GAChamblissRasmussen 3/20Jim Martin33Chambliss51
IDCraigRobinson Research 11/26-12/12LaRocco27Risch46
IATom HarkinResearch 2000 4/21-4/23Tom Harkin57George Eichorn28
IATom HarkinResearch 2000 4/21-4/23Tom Harkin58Steve Rathje23
IATom HarkinResearch 2000 4/21-4/23Tom Harkin59Christopher Reed20
KSPat RobertsResearch 2000 6/2-6/4Slattery38Roberts50
KYMcConnellRasmussen 5/22Bruce Lunsford49McConnell44
LALandrieuRasmussen 5/28Landrieu47Kennedy44
MECollinsRasmussen 5/14Allen42Collins52
MAKerryRasmussen 5/29Kerry63Jim Ogonowski29
MAKerryRasmussen 5/29Kerry63Jeff Beatty25
MILevinRasmussen 5/7Levin54Hoogendyk37
MNColemanRasmussen 5/22Franken45Coleman47
MS-ACochranRasmussen 5/27Fleming35Cochran58
MS-BWickerRasmussen 5/27Musgrove47Wicker46
MTBaucusMason-Dixon 5/19-5/21Baucus65Lange26
MTBaucusMason-Dixon 5/19-5/21Baucus61Bushman26
NEHagelResearch 2000 5/19-5/21Kleeb31Johanns58
NHSununuRasmussen 5/20Shaheen50Sununu43
NJLautenbergRasmussen 3/27Lautenberg54Joe Pennacchio36
NJLautenbergRasmussen 3/27Lautenberg54Murray Sabrin35
NMDomeniciSUSA 5/30-6/1Tom Udall60Heather Wilson36
NMDomeniciSUSA 5/30-6/1Tom Udall60Steve Pearce35
NCDolePPP 5/28-5/29Kay Hagan39Dole47 12/16-12/19Andrew Rice19Inhofe60
ORSmithRasmussen 5/7Jeff Merkley42Smith45
SDJohnsonRasmussen 3/4Johnson63Joel Dykstra28
TNAlexanderRasmussen 4/3Bob Tuke30Alexander59
TNAlexanderRasmussen 4/3Mike Padgett31Alexander58
TXCornynBaselice & Associates (R) 5/20-5/25Noriega33Cornyn49
TXCornynResearch 2000 5/5-5/7Noriega44Cornyn48
VAJohn WarnerRasmussen 5/8Mark Warner55Gilmore37

Analysis below the flip.

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"Like Polishished Gold"? Seriously?


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GOP Ethics Chair cheats on wife - support Vietnam Vet Bill O'Neill for Memorial Day

cross-posted from Big Orange and Election Inspection

Rep. Steve LaTourette of Ohio is scum, but his opponent, Bill O'Neill is a Vietnam veteran we can really get behind. Summary of this Diary:

1. Support Bill O'Neill, winner of Election Inspection's Memorial Day Donor Bomb contest to support a veteran running for Congress.

  1. Why O'Neill is good for Veterans, Labor, Civil Rights, Small Business, and restoring the rule of law.
  2. The sordid tale of GOP Rep. Steve LaTourette, a phony moderate, a corrupt scumbag who is literally in bed with his lobbyist, and a toothless ethics chair who made a mockery of the job and was still yanked by Tom DeLay for the smallest ounce of insubordination.

Please donate to Bill O'Neill for Memorial Day! Let's give our veterans and the families of the fallen a congress that understands them and will vote to end the Iraq War.

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