50 State Blog Network Roundup - 10/19/2007

From the diaries - Todd

This week's roundup is made possible thanks to the major efforts of boadicea. Residing in one of those "W" states, I'm turning the tyranny of the alphabet on its head this week. Here's the 50 State Blog Network Roundup--this week running from Wisconsin to Alabama!

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   Uppity Wisconsin discusses the disquieting implications of the US Attorney scandal on all prosecutions.

West Virginia
   WV Blue has Senator Rockefeller's statement, and a translation from Capitulating Weasel to English.

   Washblog is taking on the question of media ownership in a pragmatic way by encouraging readers to support local community radio station, KSER. They share some fairly compelling reasons to do so.

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Life Happens: 50 State Blog Roundup for 9-21-2007

The first Beatle to die tragically young once said, "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Life is also what happens when we're not blogging. In the better-late-than-never-category, life has finally gotten out of the way to allow this week's 50 State Blog Roundup to emerge.

If your favorite 50 State Blog member is missing from this week's roundup, I promise no slight is intended. It just means no one had a chance to nominate a post for the week.

You can help make sure that doesn't happen again in the future. You can submit a nomination for any blog listed at the BlogPAC state blog roll via the nifty automated nomination system prepared by Ralph Bordie. Give it a try next week.

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50 State Blog Roundup (8/24/2007)

From the diaries - Todd

There's lots of great stories from the 50 State Blog Network this week. Please take your time this weekend, pour yourself a cup of coffee (tea, or soda) and savor the reading. You'll be glad you did.
50 State Blog Network

This week's Roundup is brought to you by Clem Guttata of West Virginia Blue.

Featured Items

* As Marshall said when he promoted this item, "Excellent work...this is journalism!"Crandall Canyon, The King of the Mountain, The Fox in the Coop. Additional notes: The same item was cross-posted at As Ohio Goes. There's a reason Crandall has been a big contributor to Republican politicians.

*The Albany Project and Daily Gotham were all over the story of (now) resigned GOP operative Roger Stone. If you don't know the story, do yourself a favor and visit the two blogs that helped bring him down this week. (There's too many posts to pick just to link to.)

* I can't stress enough how devastating this is to the Appalachian region: Expansion of Mountain Top Mining. Learn more about Mountain Top Removal.

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50-State Blog Network Roundup (8/10/2007)

Welcome to this week's roundup, brought to you by Clem G. of West Virginia Blue. So much for August as a slow news month... there's plenty to dig into here.

Of Special Note
* Congratulations to The Albany Project. As Phillip Anderson puts it,
I'd have to say the highlight of our week was the Governor stopping by to congratulate us on a great convention in Chicago and inform our readers that he will soon be starting a regular liveblogging gig at The Albany Project. it's pretty cool.

* MyLeftNutmeg recaps the many stories of the one year aniversary of Ned Lamont's primary victory. Lamont's victory, showing Democrats the power of embracing the Democratic Party, led directly to our 2008 general election gains.

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Republican Rep. Capito (WV-02) takes credit for bolting a locked door

I know we often make fun of lawyers in this country ("What do you call a smiling, sober, courteous person at a bar association convention? The caterer."). On the other hand, there's a lot to be said for the value of training in law for political leadership. The Clintons (Bill, Yale; Hillary, Yale), Barack Obama (Harvard), John Edwards (UNC), and Harry Reid (George Washington U.) all have law degrees.

Then we have our Republican mis-leadership. There's George Bush with an Master's in Business Administration. That's the same degree that Duke Cunningham and Jeff Skilling have. There's Rep. Shelley Moore Capito with a Master's in Career Counseling. That's the same degree as... well, actually, no one comes to mind. Bush and Capito share a mis-understanding of the law, too. Whereas Bush missed the week in high school civics class about constitutional checks and balances, after six years in Congress Rep. Capito still hasn't figured out the basic mechanics of when a law is needed.

Case in point: Rep. Capito is crowing about her success in using an obscure legislative maneuver to outlaw something that is already illegal!

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WV-02 emerges as top-tier 2008 pick-up opportuntiy

There has been a flurry of developments in WV-02 during the last two weeks. All of them point to one conclusion: State Sen. John Unger's challenge of vulnerable incumbent Rep. Shelley Moore Capito is a top-tier pick-up opportunity for the Democratic Party in 2008.

Unger--recruited by both netroots and the DCCC--has emerged as an early, well-positioned challenger to Capito. The major recent developments include:

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50-State Blog Network Weekly Roundup

This week's Roundup was compiled by Thomas at Blue Indiana. Permission is granted to cross-post at your blog, too. It's Blue Indiana's honor to present this week's 50 State Blog Network Roundup. I've been called off and have to run out of the house this evening, so I'll leave my introduction short, and direct you all below the fold. Enjoy your Friday!

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50-State Blog Roundup (June 29, 2007)

Compiled this week by Zappatero at Squarestate.net. Permission is granted to cross-post in entirety at your blog, too.

Read on for this week's 50 state blog roundup!

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50-State Blog Netblog Weekly Roundup (June 22, 2007)


Back at the start of May, it was a slow Friday morning and I decided to try out a little experiment... why not visit all the blogs in the 50-State Blog Network, find a highly commented upon story at each and put it all together into a post.

It didn't take too long--except for getting distracted with all of the good material at the sites--and the process left me with an even greater respect for the great work going on at fellow state blogs. Thus was the first 50-State Blog Roundup born.

Thankfully, others also liked what they saw, and as they saying goes, many hands makes light work. The 50-State Blog Roundup has flourished thanks to the efforts of multiple volunteers who have generously contributed their time and talents:

- June 15, 2007 by Jon (a.k.a. flackattack) from Tondee's Tavern
- June 9, 2007 by isaac at Free State Politics (MD)
- June 2, 2007 by Joe Bodell of MN Campaign Report
- May 25, 2007 by LP from New Mexico FBIHOP
- May 18, 2007 by IVR Polls 
- May 11, 2007 by mattw at MyLeftNutmeg (CT)
- May 4, 2007 by Clem Guttata at West Virginia Blue

Can you compile a weekly roundup? Email me (Clem G. at wvblue@gmail.com) if you can help out.

This week's round-up

Before we get to the round-up proper, there's some cool news to share: Blue Jersey Founder Juan Melli Named 17th Most Powerful Politico in NJ. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Juan! It just goes to show, state blogging really does make a difference.

Now... on with the show!

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John Unger shows WV-02 "We can do better"

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Last Friday evening, West Virginia State Sen. John Unger held an Eastern Panhandle campaign kick-off event in Martinsburg, W.Va. (lots of pictures here). After reading so much about Unger--both good and bad--from fellow Democratic activists and Republican concern trolls, I really didn't know what to expect. Maybe all that ink-spilling had lowered my expectations... whatever the reason, I was pleasently surprised. It was an impressive start for his campaign for WV-02.

Follow below the break for my full report.

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