50-State Blog Roundup (June 29, 2007)

Compiled this week by Zappatero at Squarestate.net. Permission is granted to cross-post in entirety at your blog, too.

Read on for this week's 50 state blog roundup!
Delaware Liberal
Congressman Mike Castle is Mr. MIA on Iraq and Alberto Gonzales
Hawaii is sending some of its prison population to Arizona. That seems cruel and unusual.
New Jersey
Fred Phelps is spreading his ignorance and hate to the funerals of New Jersey soldiers killed in Iraq. 
Daily Kingfish
Arts education is back. Kudos to Senator Sharon Broome, (D-Baton Rouge), for convincing her colleagues in the Legislature that Arts in Education works.
With Michigan's university funding is up in the air legislators take a break.
New Hampshire
Jeanne Shaheen looking strong against Sununu the Lesser in new ARG poll.
West Virginia
A Hino truck plant is going into an idle Walker Systems site. Few of those ineffective and costly incentives were needed.
New York
Democrats put the smackdown on anti-immigrant rhetoric from one of their own.
David Lublin takes a look a Maryland's budget troubles and the tax proposals that may fix them.
Does the Indiana National Guard have a readiness issue?
A legislative team led by Democrat Andrew Romanoff is trying to curtail excessive changes to the state's constitution.
Alberto Gonzales gets a not-so-warm welcome from those who really care about the rule of law. (Great pic!)
New Mexico
Wal-Mart takes a hit in New Mexico.
Saxby Chambliss is approaching the 50% danger line as he gets ready to run for the U.S. Senate again.
Turn Maine Blue
The Christian Right is on the attack in Maine.
ActBlue is 3, and KT took the time to post this everywhere - let's give our favorite candidates some of that mother's milk. 
Turn Arizona blue....green.
The Tahoe fire blame game is fully aflame. And Democrats cave on hospital dumping.
Ohio (AOG)
Going after Mean Jean Schmidt in Ohio.
Texas A&M scientists are having trouble controlling the biological agents in their labs. Cornyn at 42% approval - get him, Texans!
Keeping an eye on push polls in Iowa.
Green Mountain Daily
A look at Vermont's dueling bills on how to address climate change is here.
Rhode Island
A Rhode Island roundup in the 50 state roundup.
Alabama led the way by banning catfish imported from China.
Raising Kaine
Some environmental progress by Jim Moran is applauded.
New Nebraska Network
Scott Kleeb is trying to keep the blue shift going in Nebraska.
North Dakota
Our North Dakota outpost needs an infusion of energy and writers. chime in, people. Democracy ain't free, but blogging is!
Wasatch Watcher
This is a repeat, but I really don't like Mitt: Romney's money man in Utah accused of abusing minors. And don't forget, Mitt treats pets worse than his team treats humans.
Gore polls ahead of Hillary in MA.
Uppity Wisconsin
More US Attorney and VA shenanigans in Wisconsin.
Joe Bodell looks at Norm Coleman's past as a toker and the Strib's lazy reporting on the issue. 
North Carolina
The D-trip is going to highlight Robin Hayes' failure to support vets in a July 4 ad blitz.
Missouri Higher Ed takes a 19% tuition hit in a bill signed by Governor Blunt, son of Congressman Blunt.
Knox Views
A look at zero energy home plans.
HP is laying off in Boise. I know where HP is hiring, and it's not in the U.S.
The Missoulian doesn't want their city to speak up on Iraq.
Lieberdem alert: New Haven Democratic Leader Donates More to Republican Party
GOP immigration hysteria is causing a historic hispanic voter migration.

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Re: 50-State Blog Roundup (June 29, 2007)

Why is BlueOregon (or any other Oregon blog) not part of the 50-state blogosphere? It's a tad embarassing, being among the handful of states not there...

by admiralnaismith 2007-06-29 11:53AM | 0 recs
Re: 50-State Blog Roundup (June 29, 2007)

Good question. My observation (from outside that process) is that it seems like significant effort has gone into trying to find 50-state blog representatives for every state. Having visited all of the blogs in the MyDD / BlogPAC 50-state blog network strengthens that impression.

I'm guessing that BlueOregon may not meet one of the criteria for inclusion. Although they certainly look liberal/left/progressive/Democratic and they definitely are a group blog, from a quick look at the site it appears that they do not allow open membership and user diaries.

Are there other Oregon blogs you'd also recommend? Are there any big Oregon stories from this week we should know about?

For future weeks, if someone sends me a story recommendation from BlueOregon (or an other progressive Oregon state blog) I'd certainly consider it for inclusion in the Roundup.

by WVaBlue 2007-06-29 02:20PM | 0 recs
Re: 50-State Blog Roundup

Well...the big Oregon race of 2008 is, of course, the quest to take down Senator Smith.  Apparently, Chuck Schumer is aggressively courting Jeff Merkley, the speaker of the State House. This after so many of our heavy hitters looked at the Smith fish in a barrel, and said, "No, we'll wait for an easier target".

Also, the Republicans took the unprecedented step this year of putting out attack ads against legislators in swing districts while the legislature was still in session (it only meets once every two years, and we just finished the session, so no more new legislation until 2008). It apparently backfired. Not only did they tip their hand as to which of our seats they were going to target, but the voters were disgusted with the in yo face negativity a year and a half before there's even an election.

Oregon's doing well.

by admiralnaismith 2007-06-30 07:48AM | 0 recs
Re: 50-State Blog Roundup (June 29, 2007)

Hey, WVaBlue, keep a spot open for a new Missouri blog about to launch in the next week!

by clarkent 2007-06-30 12:59AM | 0 recs


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