• for "forceful action" from the dems to rein bush in, and some of us are getting tired of waiting. it has become a bit of a pattern with senate dems (house dems seem to be doing a better job of it).

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    now sleep in it. this is what settling for centrist schumer picks gets you. i hope they'll bother to deliver on some of what they campaigned for, or else you all bought a false bill of goods. goed forbid we have to block another neanderthal SCOTUS appointment with these guys.

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    the tax cuts will get thrown in, and the republicans will be able to say they voted for a wage hike to the workers, and tax cut to their donors, and we'll have shown once again that we are an utterly cowardly party, incapable of wrenching any political advantage when one is handed to us on a silver platter.

    make them fillibuster it, grandstand in the papers until they give in, then hang the no votes around their necks come '08. they'll win no votes by standing in the doorway blockign a wage hike with 80% support.

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    because the very process of running has a habit of stoking fires in the belly, and getting candidates out into the great unwashed masses, who are simmering for real change and a good fight.

    like with obama, like with gore, i am waiting to see if edwards has enough fight in him to really run hard as an unabashed democrat, and openly engage the failed ideas of the right. i think all three of them are capable of doing so, but i'll back the one who actually does it. until then, i'll be watching.

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    is that i expect that the majority of our fellow gen x'ers and millenials aren't urban professional creative classers, but rather working in the service industry, trying to make ends meet. they just don't tend to get the spotlight.

    agreed on the main points, though. i am so tired of the old arguments about the 60s, when we've got more than enough fresh new hells to grapple with in the present. not sure if obama is really interested in doing that, or whether he's trying to live up to the same old marketing style of politics (now NEW and IMPROVED! FRESH! buy OBAMA!). wish he'd use his star power to lead on something meaningful.

  • about sucking up to corporations and screwing workers (and american businesses) by promoting "free" trade agreements. tauscher is socially liberal and economically corporatist.

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    and a landslide for the dems means that the blue dogs lose their role as dealmakers, which means they lose power, effectively.

    i think the narrow focus is deliberate. too many new dems changes leadership race calculus, and not necessarily in hoyer and emmanuel's favor.

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    and it's tied to the DCCC's attempts to pick off 2004 dean people in primaries with DCCC-backed moderates. once a house win looked possible, rahm's been working to build up a critical mass of DLC blue dog moderate types, both for his own career as majority leader as well as to blunt any liberal resurgence during what should be a change election.

    we've been played.

  • lieberman campaigned for bush in florida in november 2004, saying "bush is better for israel."

  • in that it forced lieberman's willingness to sell out the party out into the open, and put schumer et al on the spot. better to know this now, and have a chance of ridding the party of this mole, than at a critical moment down the road.

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    since his appearance on the colbert report. with the ability to turn out the base, and an affable media delivery, he'll be tougher than yoiur average frothing wingnut to beat, especially with a compromised media  helping him out, and a feckless democratic leadership.

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    inmates and asylums. is that how you see the relation between diarists and front pagers?

  • there's intra-party pissing wars, but their control over the electorate, even registered democrats, is pretty weak compared to the real east cioast machine states. it's all about name recognition and fundraising for TV ads in california. the machine can help with that, but it isn't determinative.

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    is separating economic conservatism with social conservatism. the new dealers were often southern bigots to boot, and not terribly progressive on gender or sexuality, just as many of the boomers might be socially quite accepting, but economically pretty selfish in a prop. 13 anti-tax sort of way.

    i see the WW2 to boomer shift more in terms of the focus of the political field of battle from the collective good to individual liberation, on both the right and left. both generations had their right and left wings, but they couched their arguments and were drawn to very different sorts of issues.

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    who was born to republicans. parentage only helps when you live at home. once you move out, go to school, live in the real world, read different papers, yoiu're just as likely to become a lib'rul.

    my republican parents raised four radical lefties, and are bewildered as to how they managed it.


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