Some interesting character names I collected

There was an Undead Rogue near me one day named "Something". It was quite scary looking at the combat log.
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Something has killed Murloc.
Something loots Murloc Scale.
Something's Ambush hits you for 700.
You were killed by Something. (or what ever it says)

I suppose "Someone" would work just as well.
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I also saw a NE Priest named "Heal" which I thought was pretty fitting.
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A rogue named "You".
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A Tauren Shaman: "Beefsteak"
A Undead Mage: "DemBonez"

male human paladin called Sexygurl on an RP server

warrior named BeefMcGuns

Gnome mage named Magelite

Rogue named backstabyou

Two sisters named Whiskey and Bourbon

Pair of gnome guildmates Mitsy and Bitsy

rogue named Sneakerson
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Re: Some interesting character names I collected

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Make it die, daddy.

Dracomicron's Shadow Bolt hits you for 2100.

by Dracomicron 2008-08-20 05:41AM | 0 recs


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