ome tips for some classes:


Warriors get more rage when taking damage so it is better never to use a shield or wear plate when "tanking" as this will reduce rage, and damage and tanking ability. Also never fight in defensive stance as it makes you cause less damage.

Pets and Long ranged weapons do little damage, and freeze traps seem to only work when you place them near the healer. So it's best to just use melee weapons during battle.

Its best at the start to place DoTs on all creatures, that way they die quickly. Your group will be impressed to see that thing charging everything. He's just jealous. Also Warlocks can make bread and water for the group.

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I agree

But exactly how many buttweasels can you actually fit in there?

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Re: ome tips for some classes:

Now you pumas have gone right 'round the bend!

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Re: ome tips for some classes:

puma's? hopefully you are joking

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Re: ome tips for some classes:

Seriously.  Everybody knows UMAs play Everquest.

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Re: ome tips for some classes:

ok, yes lamers do play EQ, but that is about WoW ;p

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