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    Dear Senator Obama,

    Congratulations on winning the Democratic Party's Nomination, which you have fought extensively for.

    The raison d'être of this letter is my vote in November. You have it; it's yours.

    While I have biblical proportions of doubt in your ability to deliver your promises, I believe, giving my vote to Senator John McCain would be an act of bitterness towards your primary victory.

    Furthermore, recalling what my candidate has preached about republicans, it would be a disgrace to vote for Senator McCain.

    Please accept my sincerest regret that I won't be volunteering for you or making phone calls on your behalf (that level of commitment belongs to someone I truly believe in).  Regardless, I hope you win the presidency.

    Good luck and all the best,

    Proud Clintonite for Obama

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    Obama declaring victory on May 20th is just like projecting himself winner before polls close in a state primary election, even in a state where he is expected to win handily. It's a deception designed to attract super delegates and voters in the remaining contests. Is this the new politics Obama is fighting for? Declaring himself winner before the race is over? Let's hold our breaths till May 31st.

    I hope he is not delusional enough to think that he can end this race himself and start unifying the party without the party leaders consent. Truly that must be regarded as an extremely arrogant move

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    You failed to mention IF he becomes president. Don't make the mistake of labeling Clinton supporters Obama haters. But having read your comments and your fellow Obama supporters comments about your comments it's clear to me that you are a Clinton hater. Maybe what you are witnessing is a figment of your imagination. I am a clear Hillary supporter and the only thing I HATE is the type of Barack supporters that automatically assume that anyone not supporting him is against him and anyone still supporting Hillary is an Obama hater.

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    I feel obligated to respond to some of your comments, not to say that Hillary bests Barack on some of theses votes or issues but merely to enlighten his stance on some of these points:

    "And didn't vote for the Iraq invasion". You can't be more right! In fact, it's impossible for Barack to have voted for the Iraq invasion because he wasn't even in the senate at time. But you already know that and might say that he was opposed to the war from the start anyways. This is probably true, but when asked how he would have voted he responded: "What would I have done? I don't know." Is that the type of strong leadership we can expect from him? Opposing the war in public but not knowing how to vote?

    Read this article if you don't believe me:
    http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.ht ml?res=9407E2DF153DF935A15754C0A9629C8B6 3&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=2

    "Didn't threaten the nuclear obliteration of Iran?" No he certainly hasn't done that. But let's look at the context for this comment. She would attack Iran with nuclear weapons IF Iran nuclear attacked Israel. Now Israel is our ally (whether you agree with it or not) and we will protect our allies from enemies. Do you know of NATO? Well she might as well have mentioned that she would nuclear attack Iran if it attacked any of the NATO countries. But what would Barack do? Would Barack not protect our allies? Now I hope to god that this will never happen and that there will be no nuclear attacks period, but a president must be ready for anything.

    But when, MSNBC asked him what HE would do. He responded by noting to the press that she sounded like a certain republican (alluding to Bush) and didn't outline what he would do in such an event. This to me is attacking Hillary and not answering what he would do. Now I know that the Barack campaign has been avoiding these type of questions saying that he is for a new kind of politics and that today's system is broken but it's a honest question that, at least to me, is a very important one, especially if he is attacking Hillary because of it.

    "Didn't back the surge last year" Well this is about Barack: "since taking office in January 2005, he has voted for four separate war appropriations, totaling more than $300 billion." Now this does not not mean that he was supporting the surge you are refering to but he has been backing a number of appropriations that has help make the continuation of the Iraq war very possible.

    http://www.boston.com/news/nation/washin gton/articles/2007/03/20/obamas_record_s hows_caution_nuance_on_iraq/

    And go on, ask me about the vote to so called authorize an Iran war, this is similar to the Iraq vote only she has coauthored a bill the will not allow Bush to use it as an authorization for war.


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