Romney national fiance co-chair indicted!

Lost amid the Ames Strawpoll activity today, Mitt Romney's campaign has announced the resignation of its national finance committee co-chairman, Alan B. Fabian, who was indicted in Maryland for "allegedly shady business dealings." Romney will return Fabian's $2,300 campaign contribution.

"Federal prosecutors have charged Fabian with defrauding companies out of $32 million. He was indicted Wednesday by a Maryland grand jury on 23 counts, including mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice, according to the Baltimore U.S. attorney's office." 8/11/indicted_romney_finance_cochair_res igns.html

I wonder if this will affect Romney's straw poll performance. I doubt it since it happend at a slow time in the news cycle and the voting seems to be done in Iowa. But it's amazing how many Republican scandals there have been during the primary already. I think it's time for another culture of corruption campaign in 2008

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