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    Recall that Bush-the-Elder sent troops into Somalia just before Clinton took office.

    As if to say "here ya go, now deal with it"

    Yep. that is probably whay he will do allright. But then Obama might not win.

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    527s are completely independent, i.e. both candidates will disavow any association with these "slimeball politics"

    That is how 527s work.  They get down and dirty while the candidate stays above the fray. Neither Obama nor McCain has any control over the 527s other than to "disavow" (wink, wink) such tactics

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    I know this will be hidden, but since you are just asking a question, the answer can be found at pumaparty.com

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    Well, lets see, 18 million people voted for Hillary.  If just 10% of them do not support Obama, now or ever, that is 1.8 million people.  Kerry lost in 2004 by about 100,000 votes in Ohio.

    To those who think 1.8 million people were "never Democrats in the first place" you are mostly wrong. To Hillary's voters, it is now a "lesser of two evils" election.  And though it is hard for some of you Obamabots to believe, some do consider McCain a better choice than Obama.

    Gee, I wonder why the acronym "Party Unity My Ass"?  Dismissing 1.8 million voters is not the way to win elections.

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    we are going to see a generational divide in this election. The Republicans are going for voters 45+ years of age, not the younger voters.

    To middle-aged whites, "baby-mama" doesn't sound hip, it just sounds like rapper lyrics like "ho". In other words, a vulger slang word.

    Much of middle-America doesn't like rap music, the low-class lyrics, and the influence it has had on American culture as of late.  

    Think culture wars part 2.  It isn't so much about black and white as it is about low class/higher class. Rap music lyrics are "low class" to middle-aged whites. They are encouraging a low class lifestyle, shacking up with ho's, slapping those bitches around, etc.

    Democrats fail to get this.  Racism is bad, okay, true.  But then there is nothing bad about wanting your kids not to refer to women as ho's, refer to law enforcement in vulger terms, judges, whitey, etc (which is what rap music seems to be about).  

    I get it.  It is about growing up in the city in black America. But then most white suburbanites don't want their kids assimilating the urban "black" culture.

    EMINEM is white.  Middle-aged white America doesn't like him either.

    It is FRAMING.  Dems are being framed as advocates of this "new" culture.  The hip hop culture. The rap culture.  It is like a dog whistle to the Republican base.  But a lot of moderate Democrats don't approve of rappers either.  But then as I said, it also reflects the generational divide we have even among Democrats.  Hillary's supporters are older than Obama supporters on average.

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    much of middle-America doesn't like rap music, the baggy drawers, the hip-hop lingo.  

    "baby mama" sounds like rapper lyrics to most whites. It is not so much "racism" as a distaste for the rapper influence on American culture. EMINEM is WHITE, yet I guarantee most middle-aged Americans find him distastful.

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    What you are missing is that there a lot of middle-of-the road Democrats, especially in more conservative states (Kentucky comes to mind), that strongly preferred Hillary and is going to have a hard time coming around to Obama.

    Kentucky had a CLOSED primary.  Meaning only registered Democrats.  You can call them "trolls" or whatever makes you feel good, but they were registered as Democrats probably long before anyone ever heard of Barack Obama.

    Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, are also examples of the Kentucky demographic. You can ignore a 2:1 loss to Hillary if you want to, but those are real voters that sent that message.

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    it is not clear if Democrats in Congress having an actual  backbone would help or hurt Democrats politically.

    I sort of think it would help, if the charges are provable and the public can easily understand them.  It might hurt if it is viewed as "trumped up" charges.

    Americans don't like weaklings, they actually seem to prefer crooks and tyrants over weaklings.

    So maybe the list is too long.  Kucinich should stick to 2-3 strongest, provable charges.

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    I clearly said 'none of these things were Carters fault"

    But in Republican-land, "they were".  Perception is more important than reality in Presidential politics. Republicans are very adept at creating a perception.

  • again, it was apparent he wasn't going to be the nominee, and both Hillary supporters and Obama supporters wanted that support.

    I can't blame them for that, of course.   But the same Obama forces that drove Alegre and Jerome and others from Kos to MyDD, drove a lot of us here.  

    The Obama supporters were/are just so much more "insistent" than the Hillary supporters (some would say obnoxius).

  • Were you there?  Were you an Edwards supporter at about the time he dropped out?  So overzealous Obama supporters have never/ever attempted to pressure people into supporting their candidate?  That is all the Kos site has been for months, the DailyObama.

    Hillary supporters (like Alegre for one) left the site for that reason. The obnoxious Obama supporters. Do you not know that?

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    well, a lot of us 49-year-olds aren't pushing up daisies yet.

    McCain knows he isn't going to get the youth vote. The most reliable voters are 65+ (that is, they always vote).  And they call them Boomers because there are a lot of them.

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    I remember the gas stations that had signs that read "sorry-no gas". And long lines at the stations that did have gas.

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    Of course Carter deserved a second term.  And of course he was "cold-cocked" by the Reagan/Bush machine.

    McCain is talking to Republicans (not to us).  They viewed Carter as an ineffectual President because 1) he couldn't get the hostages released from Tehran (we knew later how Reagan accomplished their release, illegally) and 2) gasoline shortages in the late 70s; and 3) "stag-flation" in the late 70s that caused a lot of economic stress.  

    None of these things were Carter's fault. Just the Republicans enjoyed blaming him and framing him as "ineffectual".  He did appear rather "clueless".  I think because he was too good a man to be President.  He was very honest, and unfortunately, a President has to lie sometimes for his political survival.

  • that is true, Edwards was a favorite at Kos before he dropped out.  But that site never was very favorable to Hillary, no?

    By the way, I know you Obama supporters get off on calling everyone who disagrees with you "McCain trolls" but (if this site is like Kos) you can check a person's username, longevity, etc. We were Democrats until you Obama newbies came along.

    I have been supporting Hillary since January (roughly two weeks before Edwards dropped out, because I saw it coming).  I have been visiting this site for months.

    The blogs represent maybe 1% of the U.S. voting population. Whether we are here or not won't make us go away come November.


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