• How can you say this diary was about respect when his title is an insult.

    Calling Obama supporters kool-aid drinkers is insulting and insinuates we are all mentally unstable followers.

    To claim to be respectful with 1 hand while clearly insulting half the nation with the other...

    If you insist on insulting people.. at least do your damn homework and learn it was Flavor-Aid that was used by the Heavens gate cult.. not kool-aid.. Kool-aid was the media buss word.

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    Considering this nitpicking world of putting every statement under a microscope..

    Correct me if I'm wrong but
    "I suggest we agree to participate in at least ten town halls once a week with the first on June 11 or 12 "

    this could also be interpreted as 10 town halls PER week :P

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    Hillary is desperate to keep the Saudi's from taking Bill's thumbs for failing to win the presidency for Saudi interests.

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    Of course she's open to VP.. if Obama were to be in California and get assassinated as she hinted at..

    Change means no Nightmare Ticket

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    Would this be the same night Obama whoops her ass in Oregon?

    Or perhaps it was 2 weeks ago when he whooped her ass in North Carolina.

  • All I can picture would be

    When the 3am call comes in.. Hillary comes bursting into her old presidential bedroom screaming "I got it I got it!!"

  • Any woman that doesn't want Rove v Wade overturned will probably find their vote for Obama rather then McCain...

    unless they wanna gamble of course...

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    I'm still sort of wondering..

    Why is Hillary's money just a loan while all the less wealthy ppl make permanent donations.

    She is running.. she gave her campaign money.

    Why does she get it back and the ppl that donated to her don't?

    Who needs that money more? The hundreds that scrapped together change to help her or the 1 family that made 109mill over a few years?

    Pay back the  struggling ppl that gave you money first before you pay back yourself

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    Thats only if you use old election maps..

    Obama and his netroots campaign have redrawn the electoral map. In most states I believe that registered Democrats now outnumber republicans.

    Hillary's focus is only on the handful of big states.. the non latte sippers( Like New York and California.. those latte haters?)
    Obama will bring many more states into play.
    You see its a change in how politics is done..

    We can stick to the old and obviously loosing, big state strategy, like Clinton...
    or we can embrace the new changing American population and attitude which will redraw the US electoral Map a lovely shade of blue this November.

  • Please explain how an old windbag that is the republican nomineee can still win the general when he still looses almost 20% of the vote to canidates that have already dropped out months ago..

    Check ou tthe republican results if you need clarity.

  • That candidate trashing went both ways..
    Don't presume all the work to reunite is solely Obama's and his supporters.. you Hillary ppl gotta make an effort also.. which includes accepting your sides share of insults and abuse.
  • I'm more entertained with how Hillary will spin her massive loss in NC.. which she has openly stated is a "game changer"

  • The 18 cent poer gallon price jump at the end of the summer wouldn't be a supposed outcome.

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    So let me get this straight..

    Hillary wants to give everyone a 3 month (for this summer) gas tax holiday.. remember the gas tax goes into the road construction/upkeep budget.

    Then assuming she got into office.. she would then have to start pushing this windfall tax through the system.

    As it would most likely take months if not years of legal wrangling and lobbying by the oil companies not to get taxed.. where does this money come from until Clinton can actually figure out how to squeeze oil rock for money.

    Unless the tax on the oil companies comes first.. they will keep the bill to windfall tax them tied up in lobbying and legal discourse for years. Meanwhile while we would get the 18 cent relief for 3 months.. imagine the reaction when that 3 months is over and the prices, which will probably still slowly increase, will suddenly get jacked up  18 cents.

    Hillary is trying to convince ppl that she could successfully enact this gas tax holiday w/i the next 2 months (in her current position as senator) BEFORE she has demonstrated any realistic means of getting the oil companies to pay for it.

    Remember while she is pushing for the tax holiday this summer.. how exactly is she planning to write up legislation and push this new tax bill through congress in the next 2 months in time for her 3 month summer holiday?
    Keep in mind she not only, has only 2 months to get this Holiday approved, while in the midst of the campaign fight of her life, but she also has to prove to the voters she could actually force the oil companies to pay for it after she finally gets into office.

    Until she does have a solid provable tax on the oil companies and has that money rolling in to make up the deficit the tax holiday would cause in the transportation budget.. how does she plan to pay for this other then by stripping money from the 1 department that actually uses that tax to repair and maintain roads?

  • bah.. ignore my response.. I really wish we could edit..


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