Global warming: Rupert Murdoch joins the fight?!

It's best to fight a battle, such as global warming, on multiple fronts.

While many have been following the rise of global warming activism on the left, for a long time now I've been hoping and praying for a similar rise on the right.  Why?  Once both ends of the political spectrum begin to act, things will really happen.  (Example: the 90-something-to-1 FDA vote in the senate today.)  It's tough to get a risk-averse politician to spend political capital.  Solution: get the value of that capital down to zero.

If we can get the GOP on board, our struggle is over.

Follow me below for a recap of this "Fight on the Right" --- and some absolutely mindblowing breaking news.  Trust me: your jaw will smash your space bar.

(Oh, and dire warning to all you pessimists out there: this is a ROSY, OPTIMISTIC DIARY!)

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Chafee & GOP 72 hour program

Can anyone educate me as to the Dem equivalent of the GOP's 72 hour program?  This sounds like quite the machine.  I'm particularly impressed by the quote "Chafee himself called more than 100 ... identified as being capable of swinging the votes of colleagues and friends" below, from National Journal.  (Emphasis mine.)

Rhode Island will become a case study in the effectiveness of the Republicans' 72 Hour Program. Behind the curtain, Chafee's campaign spent $500,000 to squeeze out every conceivable voter from neighborhoods across the state. They searched for independents who voted Democrat in municipal elections but who had once upon a time voted for a Republican for president or governor or senator. There were a few of those. They looked for non-affiliated voters in Republican neighborhoods. Using microtargeting techniques, they even tried to figure out which committed Democrats might be tempted to vote for Chafee.

By the end of the summer, Chafee's campaign had identified 42,000 potential supporters. Then the second part of the program kicked in. Message, here, is a verb. The campaign "messaged" these voters, often individually. Chafee himself called more than 100 of them who were identified as being capable of swinging the votes of colleagues and friends. The standard complement of robocalls, mailings and personal visits were employed. In the twelve days of September, Chafee, the RNC and NRSC made more than 198,000 phone calls to the voters on their list. Many voters received one every two days.

On election day, the Chafee campaign stationed poll watchers at 100 key precincts across the state. By 10:00 am, the RNC and the NRSC were confident that Chafee would win.

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Iraqis stage mock Abu Ghraib; "topple" Bush/Blair/Saddam

Why did I have to go to the Canadian media to see this?

Caption: Iraqi demonstrators stage a mock reenactment of Abu Ghraib Prison abuses during a rally in Baghdad, Saturday.

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New Hampshire: fulcrum for full voting investigation?

Nader's New Hampshire recount matched the original optical count.  So in one state at least, we do not have to fear e-voting fraud.

Furthermore, the exit polls in New Hampshire match the verified (ie recounted) outcome.  Thus:

We have a concrete instance where U.S. exit polling on Nov 2 accurately matched a real, verified outcome
This may sound trivial, but I believe it is exceptionally important.

The Right Wing Noise Machine is vehemently attempting to blame the Florida/Ohio exit poll mismatches on the exit polls.  The fact that the exit polls match a verified vote in New Hampshire is a powerful point to make to disrupt the RWNM.

In other words, the New Hampshire exit poll match is a fulcrum for opening up a full investigation in Florida and Ohio.  I feel this point has been woefully overlooked.

No fraud in New Hampshire

Here's a tidbit to help emphasize that we ought to remain rational and coolheaded about the fraud issue.  Not everything that might look like fraud at first sight actually is fraud.

Personally I believe it's very important to audit everything, particularly Ohio and Florida.  We clearly need to revamp the entire election system.  But if we want to gain any traction, and get things fixed by 2006, we must avoid "Boy who cried wolf" accusations.

New Hampshire is a possible wolf.  The Nashua Telegraph in New Hampshire reports (Dec 5):

A recount of key towns and wards requested by Ralph Nader has ended without any major problems being encountered.

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FL proposes 11-day election, no precincts, weekends

Great news on the voting reform front.  The Miami Herald reports:
Florida's election supervisors, impressed by the success of early voting, proposed dramatic reforms Tuesday that would eliminate Election Day, replace it with an 11-day election season and do away with precincts.

The association of the state's 67 chief elections officials voted in concept at its annual winter meeting in Orlando to informally present the idea to the Legislature and to start rallying support for what its members concede would be a sea change in how Floridians vote.

''I think the voters spoke loud and clear in the general election of 2004 that they want other options than to be limited to 12 hours on a Tuesday to vote,'' said Bill Cowles, Orange County supervisor of elections and president of the Florida State Association of Supervisors of Elections. ``We should seize upon the opportunity in 2005 to make the changes so we can try it in 2006.''

In the scheme of things, the long 100-year (25-election) view, getting the system fixed is more important than proving fraud in 2004.  I'm willing (and interested) in a short-term tactic over the next month to investigate fraud/suppression, but we mustn't let that lead to missed opportunities to fix the entire system, once and for all.  The most important thing about the fraud issue is to ensure that it's absolutely impossible to happen ever again.

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New Mexico: Dem Sandoval County 10/65 reported

[Note: as an academic with publications in computer security, I believe electronic voting fraud is THE issue.  However, we must cover all the bases.  E-voting fraud MIGHT not have happened (or we may not be able to prove it did); this diary fits into the "no fraud" scenario.]

New Mexico results are still being counted.  As of 11/6/2004 12:03:02 PM, the statewide margin is down to less than 7,000:

 KERRY 341,186 48.9%
 BUSH  348,125 49.9%

Meanwhile, Sandoval County has only 10 of 65 precincts reporting:

 KERRY  1720 61.6%
 BUSH   1045 37.4%

Back-of-the-envelope: the remaining 55 precincts voting similarly would close the margin by another 3,700 votes.  So the overall margin would be down to around 3,300.

Anybody know at what point a recount is triggered?  Or at what point a recount can be requested?  Anybody know if provisional ballots have been counted?

A calm, rational look at voting fraud

There is lots of hyperbole about electronic voter fraud.  At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who refuse to be open to the possibility.

I am a PhD computer scientist, with papers in computer security (anonymity and privacy).  It is totally logical to attempt to verify that electronic fraud did not occur.

It would be irrational not verify the voting.

Nixon, Reagan (Iran), JFK (Illinois ballot stuffing).  What makes you think Bush/Rove is any less likely to attempt to hold onto power?

Prof David Dill at Stanford CS has an outfit similar to,

See also this Wired Magazine article about  Here is a timeline exposing security flaws in Diebold, including the Howard Dean demonstration on CNBC TV, and the deposition for California election officials.  ('s site is very amateurish, even sensationalist.  Please do not judge a book by its cover.)

Exit polls are usually used to verify that fraud did not occur.  This time the battleground state exit polls were so far off it prompted a high-profile right-winger to accuse the "liberal media" of attempting to sway the election with "bogus exit polls".  Computer security experts draw a different conclusion, however.

I'm sorry to have to say it, but this is real.  Welcome to the computer security age.

Colorado still close? (Boulder only 33% returned)

Top-line Colorado stats:

Bush  1,018,515  53%
Kerry   899,115  46%
deficit 119,400
Only two counties not yet fully reported:
Adams (99% of precincts):
Kerry  65,081 51%
Bush   62,485 48%

Boulder (33% of precincts):
Kerry  65,864 70%
Bush   27,039 29%

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BBC's Greg Palast: KERRY WON

This is all we should be talking about right now:

Kerry Won.

Nothing else.  Focus, focus, focus.  Didn't we learn anything from 2000?  Don't let them steal the election again. Fool me once...

This is not some Tin Foil Hat Conspiracist.  His bio:

Greg Palast, contributing editor to Harper's magazine, investigated the manipulation of the vote for BBC Television's Newsnight. The documentary, "Bush Family Fortunes," based on his New York Times bestseller, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, has been released this month on DVD.

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