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    Good luck with exams.  I still remember my exams in first year, shudder. Painful, but necessary.
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    My deepest sympathies and sincere condolences to the Obama family.  What a loss.

  • I'm one of those chronically ill incurables.  My choices are Obama and McCain.  LOL, no hesitation.  Obama all the way because McCain is not an option.  We are not fools.  McCain will make our lives worse.  Obama has a shot at improving our lives, at any degree, that is preferrable.  It's a no brainer.  

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    This is not a quick fix and there is no time to go slow.  We are on the verge of disaster.  Immediate action must be taken if our financial system is to survive.  Of course, after the initial emergency response, more intensive long term action needs to be evaluated and taken, but for this moment, survival demands immediate (although highly distasteful to me) action.

  • Dickie

    I tend to agree with you about the mandates, which was one of the reasons I supported Obama from the start.  I simply didn't/don't believe we would be able to get a mandate through the legislative process at this point.  There is too much opposition and the people of this nation need help and need it now in whatever form we can provide.  But this hands-free, insurance companies prey at will, if you want insurance just get a job attitude, well, it's literally killing us.  

    My sympathies to you regarding your mother-in-law.  She sounds like she was an impressive woman.  I also want to thank you for the tear in your eye because that young woman I told you about is my daughter.  She did convince the two Republican gentleman to vote for Obama though!  

    I am pragmatic enough to realize there are no easy solutions for many of the ills this nation faces.  This nation has a long, difficult road ahead even if we start turning things around tomorrow and, of course, Utopia will never exist.  But we can do so much better for Americans, all Americans, than these last years suggest.  

  • Welcome, Dickie.

    It's nice to hear another perspective, particularly when it is polite.  Discourse is important for growth, unlike flame wars.  

    With regard to the health care problem, a young woman tried to explain her side of it to a couple of older Republican men at a local restaurant yesterday.

    She calmly said the following, with a wry smile.  "I'm a good person.  I played by the rules.  I've worked hard. I was even a good teenager.  I finished high school at age 14, started college, got my degree.  I then worked at a corporation, making my way up the management ladder, working 80 or more hours a week.  At age 23, I got cervical cancer and after a long, ugly battle, it is finally in remission.  Now, due to the economic downturn, I'm laid off.  I've used up my savings on medical bills.  All the stock I've accrued is now worthless.  I have no health insurance because I was laid off, I'm 25, and I have a pre-existing condition.  So you find me here waiting tables, praying my cancer doesn't come back.  I worked hard.  I played by all the rules.  Do I deserve to die for that?"

    Dickie, I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know one thing:  the system we have is NOT working.

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    While there are many things about the McCain/Palin ticket that I do not care for, the fact that this woman supported book banning is deeply disturbing.  Censorship is anethma to our Constitution and the deepest of wounds, as it gives rise to further invasions into liberties, hence the First Amendment was created for our security.  America cannot afford another four years of Republican "values."  I fear if we do not return to real American values, as envisioned, created, and protected by our founding fathers, our future is bleak indeed.

  • Although it has been widely reported on the media, again tonight at the convention, without any argument, that she supports such a ban as to make it illegal, this is all I have been able to find in print thus far, that was directly from her and it only refers to funding limitations.
    (Sorry, I bumped the return button before I finished the above post.)
  • "Palin Said She Supported a Constitutional Amendment Limiting Abortion to When a Woman's
    Life or Health are In Jeopardy. Asked whether she would support a Constitutional amendment to limit
    state funding for abortions to only situations in which a woman's life or major bodily functions are
    threatened, Sarah Palin responded, "Yes." [Alaska Family Council Voter Guide, 8/22/06]"

    http://www.politico.com/static/PPM106_pa lin_doc.html

  • Stipes

    My apologies for not making it clearer:  I was responding to the statement that Obama should have thought his VP choice through better, claimed above by easye.

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    http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/31/us/pol itics/31abortion.html?_r=1&oref=slog in

    I won't fill this with a laundry list of links, so here is one that confirms her position and platform.  No abortion, even for incest and rape victims.

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    Oh, well done!  Thanks for a delightful read.

  • He did think it through and he chose the one he thought was best for his administration.  Period.  He didn't call each of us back-seat campaigners to ask our opinion, because we don't all agree anyway.  Instead, he took the facts as he knows them and derived a solution which, as yet, has neither been proven correct nor erroneous.  

    We're Democrats.  We have our candidate and our ticket.  It's time to pull together and work for our ticket rather than trying to worry ourselves into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Actually, I was foolish enough to take the olive branch at face value.  I live, I learn, even after all my years.

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    Hell, she wants to outlaw abortion, even in cases of rape and incest victims.  The woman is a to the wayyyyy right of McCain.


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