Western Massachusetts has a chance to elect a real Democrat to Congress


Accepting $2,816,613 from the financial industry and voting to loosen consumer protections sounds typical of a right wing republican, but much to my disappointment it is also what Rep. Richard Neal (MA-02) a democrat, has done.

 I first heard about this in a direct mail piece from the campaign of Andrea Nuciforo who is running against Neal in the Democratic primary to represent the newly configured Massachusetts First Congressional District. At first, I thought it was just a typical piece of campaign literature, laden with outrageous claims and inflated truths. However, looking at Neals' financial disclosure records from the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics, it is sadly true.  

This ad relased by the Nuciforo campaign also caught my eye. Reading up some more, his reputation as a crusader for consumer protections, curbing the power of big banks, and his work as a State Senator  in cracking down on predatory lenders seems to indicate he is the real deal.




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