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    Oh....I'm sure he got something exotic alright....

    I personally don't care about him cheating on his wife (MAN, is it a bad month for Republican philanderers?) but when you go AWOL it's a whole 'nother story. Nice way to turn your back on your family AND your state.

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    Horrible, horrible idea. I just drove back from LA and there's NO WAY I would take a train to Victorville, rent a car and then drive to LA...and then do the same damn thing back. I might as well just drive the whole way through. This project is going to be an epic fail and the only nice part is that it's mainly going to drain Republican's money.

    There's no plan to have it connect to any other part of CA yet. I'm still amazed at how ridiculous. this plan is.I more than likely won't even vote for Harry Reid's son in the primary next year since it seems all Reids shy away from a fight whenever possible.

  • The Las Vegas-Victorville route is a horrible idea and the only benefit is that taxpayers wont get stuck with this epic failure. Harry Reid has lost my respect because he randomly decided to come out in favor of it to help his own re-election bids (an agreement between the Republican financier of this project and an agreement not to have any big names run against him) So been working on this project for 20 years, and he just sells him self out. Guess he never misses a chance to run away from a fight.  

    It has to be Mag-Lev because of the mountain ranges between Vegas and L.A.

  • Minor correction, prostitution isn't legal in all of NV, just certain counties. Though it should be as well as gay marriage.

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    No, it's not Palin or Jindal...but Gibbons truly is the worst Governor in America. It's really been like...an empty suit in the mansion. He is clueless. Absolutely clueless. Dems KNEW this, Republicans now know this. I've talked to several high-involved Republicans in NV politics and they all are saying he's an idiot and should step down once his term is over. Likely not to happen thankfully. He has made a Democratic governor almost a sure thing next year. Possibly Harry Reid's kid, possibly someone else.

  • A beautiful campaign. I usually don't start to donate until election season starts, but with this I'll definitely donate. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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    Let me say bing from NV, it really shows how much the GOP lacks in depth that Ensign is being considered. I'm sure he'll probably run but with the main point being a possible VP (though with the way the GOP picks it's VP's, Lady GaGa could be the next in line)

  • Paranoia and fear is how the Republican Party operates, so no big shocker :)

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    The I-15 corridor from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is the most deadly stretch of highway in the nation. A 5 hour trip can easily turn in to 8 hours on the weekends. The mag-lev train proposed for this route definitely needs to get a go.

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    Can someone tell me why people don't like Paterson? This doesn't really have to do with this bill though im glad he introduced it...but why is he not popular in NY even among Dems?

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    I say let them secede!

    Here's the deal: You can have the south break off, maybe throw in a few of the fly over states in the midwest. We'll check back in 10...hell, make it 5 years and see who's doing better.

    Ah....an America without Texas and its electoral votes....Dems win every election!

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    I really am getting worried about these nut jobs, the language is obviously selected for someone with a mind like that. It's like when that one guy shot up some church that accepted gay people and they found his house filled with all these right wing republican books and etc.

    The sad part is these hosts can't be THAT blind to see what they're doing and continue to do it anyway.

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    Murphys up!

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    Also, it's widely expected Dems will win NV's governors race in '10 so yay for that too

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    As of now, there's no Republican able to take him on. The only 3 options they were talking about ended up going like this: one is under investigation, the other 2 lost their races in '08.....not the best platform to make a run at the senate. I was talking to a Republican who's in the know party wise earlier today and they even said Reid has it. 60+ here we come.

    Also when in town, Obama needs to make sure he clarifies his remarks about Las Vegas since many people took it the wrong way as a slap in the face, which it wasn't but many are still angry at that.


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