Fight Night

Well shoot, had to come up with a title. Got your attention didn't I.

I just got off the phone with an in-law, he is in banking. And an avid Republican.

As usual our conversation came around to business and how he thinks that all Democrats are "pinko" anti-business and liberal media types.

That man has no concept of what he is saying, he is parroting Dubya and his gang.

I tried to explain to him that we are against the abuse of power in every form it may take, whether its corporate power or government power, or even military power, but we aren't anti-business. I spent 30+ years in business Corporate as well as my own businesses, I know what fair trade is, and that money is the life blood of our economy. But when corporations start dictating which products I can buy and keeping others off the market to prevent alternatives to their profit bloated items, its time to draw the line.

Now we come to his charge of liberal media "pinko" comments. Me thinks the guy is too full of himself, the majority of the media outlets and firms in America are owned by Republicans and Republican interest groups. He quoted Rush Limbaugh saying something about the liberal press is Bias where George Bush is concerned. When I asked him which publications he was talking about, he said, "All you dummycrats need Libosuction" seems it's a Rush kind of made up word meaning to suck the liberalism out of anyone who isn't neoconservative.

What he won't understand is that this so called "bias" in the press is for the most part Republicans complaining about someone telling the simple truth; and exposing their fallacious and Orwellian propaganda. The real truth is that the words "liberal media" is a Right wing spin doctor trying to force and coerce media businesses into becoming members of the Right propaganda establishment. What the heck its cheaper than buying the Media Company, of course they do that too.

I said something to the effect that anyone who listens to a self confessed, drug dealing addict about politics had to be a couple eggs short of a dozen. He came back that Rush was the Doctor of Democracy. That WeDems  were a bunch of "Nikita Dean" followers. More Limbaugh retoric.

Since this is a typical conversation with him, my wife thinks its dumb for me to write about it. Its just that I get so mad at him, and found that writing things on the screen helps me cool off.

Individuals are the core of any networking system. Even in a family fight like I just described, we must each of us engage others in one on one, face to face encounters to discuss the issues, to debate before we can create. We each learn something from every such meeting or conversation. Its what we do with the knowledge we gain that will make WeDem members standout from the crowd.

Richard Burk and the Issues Committee are working on a new concept created by Richard to analyze an Issue from all angles, and help us to be able to provide valuable information to the voters at the appropriate time.

So why not plan a Fight Night invite a local Republican to have a debate on a specific issue, I would bet that it wouldn't be long until your local debate gained widespread attention. And attention is what will help you build your Precinct and County committees.

It's your time to make politics more intelligent, and time for those of us who preach democracy to really involve and teach the people. Broadcast media tells you what to think and doesn't let you get involved. It's time to focus on what you need, what you care about, and the messages you want to get out. Its time to join the Blogging Corps and spread the word.


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Re: Fight Night

People get sucked into these Rush Limbaughish things fairly often. I think they just do not want to face the responsibility of having real opinions. It seems like fun to them to just rant like Rush, with no sense of personal duty to carry out the business of citizenship. In other words, they are not fundamentally serious about what they are doing. Perhaps they feel less helpless by being mindless. Debating them is futile. You will be assimilated. Not really! You will just be mocked. Part of what I do in blogging involves finding ways to deal with the issues of these folks. There is a lot of room for creativity here!

by blues 2006-12-18 04:33PM | 0 recs
Re: Fight Night

Blues, that is so true, when I go to coffee shop in town (BTW we are 80% Red) and here them discussing what Rush said the day before, I get mad and start an argument that gets me no where except banned from the coffee shop for 10 days...

:) it was worth it.

by WeDemocrats 2006-12-30 05:53PM | 0 recs


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