Your pork is my tasty barbecue!

Well, I was so pissed-off driving home last night after ANOTHER terrible week at work (took out some of my anger on Charles' excellent diary about animus the Republicans have towards their traditional whipping boy, the poor...) I went out and drowned my sorrows at R&L home of Good Barbecue, a rib joint famous in Seattle's Central district and only 5 minutes from my place; it got me through college at the U-dub in the 70s, nothing like a three way combo of Tips, Brisket and Links to blow my cholesterol right off the charts but send me into carnivore heaven...Collard Greens and some Corn Bread, and I am one Happy Honky, let me tell  you!

I heard ANOTHER dumb-ass pundit wailing about the Pork in the funding bill, and had to rise in defense of our brothers the Swine (cause they taste too damn good after being smoked for 12 hours and covered in hot BB sauce...I'm sure our vegan members are cursing my soul to hell right about now....)

So, after seeing ANOTHER clip of Republicans wailing about pork, isn't it about time if they are so damn pure, they start by cleaning up their own front yard:

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Colbert destroys Glenn Beck: THE DOOM BUNKER!

Sure, he may be an easy target, but crazy-juice winger Glenn Beck and his new Fear Monger Extravaganza on Fox, the War-Room, got taken to the cleaners by America's only truly honest conservative (wink!), Stephen Colbert, on his show the other night. -report-videos/220650/march-04-2009/doom -bunker---jack-jacobs-and-stephen-moore

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Undoing Reagan(DEMOCRATS)

You knew it was coming, so no surprises here.

Basically, what we have in the Senate is, Republicans, and Republican-lites...

Oh. I meant Democrats.   Reagan Democrats! n_go_ca_st_pe/obama_taxes

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John Yoo: Subordinate the First Amendment to War

Eliminate the First Amendment?  John Yoo suggested just that, in previously secret documents Justice has released about the
Bush White House and their legal teams plan after 9/11.

It outlines a chilling rationale by a group that was willing to step much further then we have been lead to believe.
The 4th and the 1st amendments were clearly in John Yoo's Line of Sight: n_go_ca_st_pe/terror_memos

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Obama, warrior for the common man!

I think we all underestimate our President, some of us happily, but his opponents at their own peril.

We watched for the firsts few weeks Obama the Peacemaker, the listener, the bipartisan he got his stimulus package passed.

And, even as many criticized, his approval ratings soared.

Then, we saw before Congress, Obama the great orator, the visionary, the message maker.  Ovation after ovation, and again his numbers shot up.

Now, for the coming budget battle, as he unveils nothing less then a radical shift away from 30 years of Reaganism, comes the new character in the Obama repertoire.

The Populist Warrior. n_go_pr_wh/obama_lobbyists_6

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Obama rescinds another Bush midnight ruling

Yes, as we all know, Obama is not really Pro-Choice; he voted Present in the Il
Senate all those times, yada-yada-yada..Remember our Puma buds? itics/28web-abort.html?partner=rss&e mc=rss

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If you think the fight on the stimulus got ugly...

Wait till you see the steaming shovelfuls of Republican BS about this:

Obama Plans Major Shifts in Spending itics/27web-budget.html?partner=rss& emc=rss

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Breaking: Gary Locke for Commerce Sec!

Our former gov-a-nator, and, yes, a lot more liberal then Judd Gregg, is rumored to be the pick to click for Commerce! ?hpid=topnews

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The Tale of No: Two democrats, two no votes

Two NW Democrats voted no on the stimulus bill, for polar opposite reasons. calnews/2008741859_apcongressstimulusnor thwest1stldwritethru.html?syndication=rs s

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Two Giants, both born on the same day, 200 years ago

Today February 12, 1809, two men were born in different parts of the world that so shaped their era through their actions, that their footsteps still resonate today; I wonder what alignment of the stars occurred in that moment for such giants to be born almost simultaneously?

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