quien es mas loony: Michelle Bachmann O Glenn Beck?

Yes, Glenn has been on quite a roll, inciting violence and armed revolution, weeping in a kind of overblown hysteria. It's a classic performance of feigned outrage; the man is really on top of his game...

Yet there is something missing, I get the feeling Glenn is slathering it on for the audience.  It's a performance thing. I don't think he goes home, cleans his AK-47, and sets his home early warning system to detect the black helicopters. It's a revenue opportunity, he's Rush Limbaugh but with tears.

Ah, but with the addle-brained doe-eyed crazy from Minnesota, M. Bachmann (R-Loony), there is a teeth chattering out of control wildness, a true-believers fire: She is not faking this, she lives in this pre-apocalyptic scenario, and the conspiracy is real, moments away from the arrival of some hellish dystopia of her fevered right-wing nightmares.

Take his latest bubbling hysteria; this is straight out of a bad 1960s American International Pictures B-movie, where the government is going to organize re-education camps to indoctrinate the youth into the evil ways of Liberalism.  

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/04/06 /bachmann-obama-wants-re-e_n_183552.html

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Sarah Palin spanked by Tyra Banks and Levi Johnston

Well, not literally, you kink-oids!  What, are you Rich Lowry, getting all warmed up about your hottie candidate for 2012?

It seems Sarah, who probably still couldn't find Iran on a map of the world is very familiar with the world of National Enquirer family scandals, and has struck back at the father of her grandchild, showing that when it comes to small town bitter, she is very familiar with the landscape of that territory.

http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics /2009/04/05/2009-04-05_sarah_palins_feud _with_bristol_palins_ex.html

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Larry Summers is anathema to change....

This will be about the third diary I have done on Larry, and while the bitter crew always claim I have had my head in the vat of kool-aid, I really would love to give my President of a bucket of outrage and grief about Summers.

President Obama, what the F were you thinking?

Yes, he's smart. So was the Unibomber, but I would not put him in charge of domestic terrorism cases?

What message are we sending, President Obama? You rail about Wall Street's obsessing with the quick buck of the world of Hedge Fund Casinos, but the man in charge of your economic council has a gambling jones that Bill Bennett would admire:

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2009/04/03/AR2009040303732. html?hpid=topnews

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Either they never learn, or they just don't care....

Well, here's something to file in the "how come I am not surprised" folder.

Fannie and Freddie must have been living in a media black-out, or just don't give a rat's patootie and decided to thumb their noses at Congress and the American people:

http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/0 4/03/fannie-and-freddie-detail-retention -bonuses/?partner=rss&emc=rss

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When did Contessa Brewer become Michelle Bachman?

I usually have MSNBC on in the background in the morning, and a couple of times now, I have noticed Contessa Brewer mouthing not only right wing talking points, but stuff from way out in Tin-foil hat land?

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Breaking: Michelle Bachmann resigns Congress, moving to India to help poor...

In a shocking announcement, Republican Conspiracy Wing-nut Congresswoman Michelle Bachman (R-Loony) stunned her staff and congressional members when she declared she was immediately quitting Congress, giving away all her worldly possessions, and moving to India to work with the poor.

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Breaking: Dick Cheney indicted at The Hague!

In a shocking announcement this morning, April 1, 2009, officials at the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague announced they would be filing formal charges against former Vice President Richard M. Cheney.

"The charges will be focused on his war profiteering in the Iraq War, the death of innocent civilians in that illegal war, and his complicity in his now openly acknowledged ordering torture of captives held in this and the so called War on Terror.

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The NEW General Motors?

Ok, could be more of a flash in the pan, but we are in the midst of paradigm shifts and there will be new industries birthed as old ones die.

The solar power industry, wind power, and all the support industries in Green power are in their infancy, but at least at my company, we are targeting Solar Cell Manufacturers as a key industry for us to get a foothold in.

We also have a revolution coming in food, as I think the Grow Local Eat Local movement will become a wave that sweeps the country, as more and more people try to get out of the Corporate-Industrial Food Complex.

So, while we are worried about keeping GM alive, are we seeing the birth of their successors?  If we are giving Billions to GM, maybe we should be giving millions to TESLA?

http://blog.wired.com/cars/2009/03/first -look-of-t.html

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Breaking Alert: Pot Smokers Grok the Internet!

In a shocking revelation today, the media was stunned to learn that a large percentage of Marijuana users not only can but do use the Internet frequently, and are even sometimes adept at it.  And, they have lots of free time:


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Republicans? We don't need no stinking Republicans!

Well, if I was in the agenda derailing business, I would not be too worried about the Republicans at this point. Whether or not you believe Obama's early bi-partisan play was simply to back them into a corner and get them to reveal their new mantra as the party of NO (No plan, No ideas, No clue, No future) or to actually see if there was a chance they would work for the good of the American people and not just for the upper 1 percent-ers and the base, the answer has pretty much been mailed in.

But, that is not the real problem looming to derail the progressive agenda anyway.

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