Can there really be American Economic Justice?

Reading the excellent diary about Obama's popularity, I was thinking of my expectations, my disappointments, my joys in these first hundred days.  

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I blame Obama

I blame obama

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Light up the wing nuts, we're going full commie!

You can just hear the crazies; we are coddling dictators, known enemies of the American way: n_re_la_am_ca/cb_us_cuba_16

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Rush Limbaugh Hearts Black Teenagers!

I never listen to Limbaugh, that gasbag is such a phony BS artist; but this morning the Bob Rivers show on local rock radio (they love to lampoon Limbaugh) had a clip of (surprise) a Rush Obama rant, claiming that Obama had capped:

"Three Black Muslim Teenagers (the pirates) and, if a Republican President had done that, there would have been mass outrage from the loony liberal left!!!  So, now, evidently shooting poor black teenagers is OK, as long as you are black?

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Let's throw this guy into Boston Harbor instead!

Why waste perfectly good Tea?

How's about all those loonies actually focus on a REAL villain.

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Rachel gave us a name last night! How would the T-shirt read?

For those that missed it, Rachel Maddow (love that woman!) mentioned the dairy here about the MN Supreme Court Justice that donated to the Coleman campaign on her show last night, said it was picked up by

"The Blog-Monkeys at MyDD!"

Wow, I am not only honored, but I like the moniker!

In fact, I think we should do T-Shirts! Got any suggestions for the text?

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Navy Seals ignore Obama, kill pirates anyway!

I am just outraged enough to go throw some tea into Puget Sound, can you believe what happened in the Somalia Pirate incident: n_re_af/piracy

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Do parents own their children's sperm?

Seattle Time's Sunday edition perusing (before it closes down like the PI and then Seattle has no newspapers?), this article caught my eye: tionworld/2009003461_apdeadsonsperm.html

Kind of wondering how this strikes you, but I think this is wrong for so many reasons. My thoughts below the fold.

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Should we take abstinence advice from Porn Stars?

Or, perhaps, we should take law and order issues up with Tony Soprano?

No? Then why the hell are we listening to this guy: tories/2009/04/06/daily46.html

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Who is buying all the ammo?

There was a very interesting diary about the rise of violence and right wing hate.

In that diary, there was a worthy discussion if there is a correlation between some of the incendiary talk on right-wing outlets and some of this sporadic violence we have recently seen; Both sides, those claiming a causal effect and those claiming you can't draw a straight line between crap Rush or Beck spouts to the base and some clearly disturbed individual who was already triggered to go postal out there, have valid points.

But, there DOES seem to be a traceable correlation between one phenomenon happening, and it would argue that the kind of hysteria we are hearing in the echo chamber is causing or at least exacerbating this effect: .php?storyId=102851807

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