May 18th, Equality under Law comes to my state!

Well, we have a fake diary on equal rights this morning, so how about real one instead.

On May 18th, Governor Christine Gregoire will sign into law WA State Senate Bill 5688 the domestic partnership expansion law, effectively removing any legal differences between a WA Marriage Contract and a Civil Union Contract. calnews/2009173321_apwadomesticpartnersh ips2ndldwritethru.html

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Dag-nabit, I want a LIBERAL President!

By now, it's clear, Obama is not a liberal. It's clearly a consensus on these boards, I'm just following the voice of leading Democratic Party theoreticians like David Sirrota in proclaiming, Obama is basically just George Bush ver. 2!

The man is a corporatist. Heard it on these boards just yesterday, and today, Obama made an announcement that just drives that fact home: afp/uspoliticsobamatax_20090504154253

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Republicans are hateful idiots!

But, you kind of knew that already, right? n=news/local&id=6788587

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Olympia Snowe: an open letter

Dear Senator Snowe,

I read your editorial in the NY Times, and I agree with much of its contents.  I'm sure it was disturbing to wake up to the defection of Arlen Specter, and realize that you and Susan Collins are the last of a vanishing breed, a link back to the days of Chaffee, Leach, Jeffords, when there was a faction of party known as Rockefeller Republicans. n/29snowe.html?_r=1&ref=opinion _Republican

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Obama Admin's IRS pursuing economic justice?

For all the sturm un drang about torture and the lamentaions of some of the left blogosphere that Obama is some kind of nazi sympathizer and a tool of the establishment, the Obama admin continues to pull the pendulum back from the Bush-Reagan years,  away from policies that only favor the rich, policies that turned a blind-eye or even assisted while the most powerful rigged the economic game in their favor. m/us_tax_usa_irs;_ylt=Aov6w0IeeBPt729ghM 6B6WS573QA

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It's not torture, because we do it to our guys?

I suppose everyone has caught the newest Rush Limbaugh approved talking point, that waterboarding is not torture, because we do it to special forces servicemen as part of their SERE training.  Cheney, his daughter, and others in congress are now floating this one.  To a certain extent, Hannity was floating it, when he agreed to Charles Grodin's challenge that he be waterboarded, if he thinks it's not torture.

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Did the American School System Program the Millennials against the Republican Orthodoxy?

Here's an interesting idea I would like some feedback on? I have a theory that the American Public School System, with its late 2oth century emphasis on inclusion, on making kids team players, on tolerance, on the value of the environment, created a class of voters that is programmed to vote Democratic.

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Dick Cheney's greatest hits!

Well, since this rat-bastard just refuses to go away maybe it's time to make a full record for the accounting, something we can mail to heaven or direct to Satan (I think he's more likely Dick's future landlord) or does Beelzebub do Twitter now?

But, where do you begin?  Cheney was virtually making his statement for the despicable hall of fame back in the Nixon era, when he was virtually the only congressman on the committee defending the trickster?

It has been a long and storied career of vociferous evil, where DO we start to make the listing...Take your best shot!

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Should the left arm itself?

A bit of a facetious spin question here, but an interesting one to consider?

Right now, there are record runs on guns and ammunition in the US, even in bright blue states like mine; and I have a feeling that the trunks of the cars getting those multiple cases of high power rounds and AK-47s loaded in them don't have a lot of Obama `08 stickers on them.

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RIP Stimson Bullitt, Seattle Activist Icon

That might not be a name known nationwide, but in the PNW, the Bullitt family is well known for their wealth and their community activism.

Stimson Bullitt passed Sunday here in Seattle and we in Northwest salute a life well lived and the passing of Seattle activist, who believed in the old school proposition, from those that are given much, much is expected. llitt20.html?source=rss _joel20.html?source=rss

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