Conrad and Baucus kiss Joe Wilson's Butt!

It's hard to imagine these guys could do anything more to sabotage the Democratic party, but this morning these two idiots capitulated to Joe Wilson, rather then back up their own Democratic President. Basically, they said, Wilson's concerns are right, and Obama WAS a liar. e/0,8599,1921713,00.html?xid=rss-topstor ies

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Getting Ready for the Palin Administration.

Well, time to mail it in, it's all over the blogosphere; Obama 2012 is toast, the independents have fled and are never coming back, and besides, the movement is on to either

1.    Impeach Obama
2.    Primary Obama in 2012
3.    Vote for Nader or Hillary or Dean or Fill in the Blank!

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Bonehead statement of the week award: The New Lion of the Senate

We already knew Wolf Blitzer was a total moran, but I think he has definitely cemented his legacy as "OK, not as dumb as Bill O'Reilly, but perhaps just as overly impressed with my own genius!"

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We should'a sent a REAL MAN to N. Korea!

Damn, what were we thinking?  I have heard the conniption fits from Dick (Toes) Morris and John (Draw, you Suckers) Bolton, I suspect it just chaps their hides to see Bill "Oh my God what about the Children" Clinton still as the guy that publicity hound psycho-tyrants like Kim Jong Il want to get face time with.

But, I'm not sure we didn't blow it.

We could have sent a REAL Man, a tough talking codpiece wearing, Bring it on Southern Texas style law man...NO, NOT Chuck Norris.... You know who!

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WA State Homophobes: We need to keep our white-hoods on!

In the latest twist in the Evangelical Christian attempt to force their narrow minded version of Biblical Law on the rest of us, the group pushing R-71, the so-called "Protect Washington Families" act, which is an effort to overturn the WA congressional decision to extend full rights under the law to domestic partners (notice NO MENTION of Marriage to be seen), the Religious bigots running this side show have gone to court to get a special exemption to the WA state law that requires names on a state referendum to be public. story/923882.html

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Grassley and Hatch show their true colors...

Sorry, couldn't help but load on the irony, in light of the transformation (or completion of the transformation of the Republican party to the Southern White Peoples Party) it's interesting that THE FIRST TIME those two long serving members of the Judiciary committee voted against a candidate is this time. judicial/2009-07-28-senate-sotomayor_N.h tm

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Most Corrupt Congressional Couple?

I rant about this whenever possible, asking why this is not more of an outrage for the voters of Indiana and for the Democratic Party.  

My take is, Evan Bayh and his spouse should be called out as an example of Congressionally condoned corruption, and he and his wife should be looking at jail time, not big money time. p-in-bayh-healthcare,0,1622428.story

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Blatant Racism: Republicans finally give up denials

Well, about time these racists finally just gave up any pretense, and just damn well embrace their inner bigot.  

If you haven't seen this picture, get ready, cause it really doesn't get too much uglier then this.

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Good luck with that, Mitt! ok

Everyone's probably seen this video of that bat shit crazy old white woman at a Republican town hall meeting, waving her birth certificate and screaming Obama is a Kenyan. No need to delve into deep psychoanalysis on this, one simple cliché will do.

The inmates have taken over the asylum.

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No greater fear for Democrats then the NRA

In the second day of remarkable events in Congress (the FIRST was the stripping of the F22 funding) the Senate DEFEATED a pro-gun advocate measure: afp/uspoliticsgunssenate

What is interesting about this bill is it once again laid bare the Republican hypocrisy, having heard them bleat like sheep for decades about States Rights, this was clearly a play to have the Red States control the Blue States as far as gun policy. You can see where the voting broke down, we are fairly pro-gun up here in WA state, but I think my two senators (as compared to yesterday, when they were the Senators from Boeing/Lockheed) voted the correct way.

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