Words to live by....

Not politics, but hoping we can all do a little unity (WINK!) by sharing some of our favorite quotes.

The first two of mine are basically about life and how to live it.

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A New Democratic Meme

If you have read Lakoff or any of the language analysis experts, one disadvantage we as Democrats for years have had is in messaging.

I am writing this diary, because I read a lot of concern that Obama is "controlling the message" too much by avoiding the press (a false charge, but let's run with it anyway.) or sticking to script or....

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What's the gaffe that crushes the McCain campaign?

Seems like a lot of diaries on gaffes, whose throwing em, who's getting busted for em.

Being an old codger, I remember some whoppers, some that literally ended campaigns and were the kiss of doom for the candidates involved.

Remember "I've been brainwashed!"

Or, Mike Dukakis's answer in the debates to the question if someone murdered his wife?

Bush Senior's grocery store scanner moment, or knowing the price of milk.

Seems like clearly definably moments where, they fell in a hole and never climbed out.

So, we have seen McCain throw some doozies, I'm wondering what would be one that would throw such a monkey wrench in his candidacy that it would basically punch a hole in the boat they couldn't bail the water out of.

I'm thinking, for some reason, not foreign policy, but domestic, along the lines of the Social Security gaffe.

Or, is it the death of a thousand cuts?  He just keeps mixing up countries, screwing up names, dates and times, and his `expertise" and "experience" meme just turns against him.

Anyone got any ideas: What is the campaign-killing gaffe for John McCain's 2008 run?

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Is Candy Crowley a concern troll?

I was watching CNN this morning (yes, I am truly a glutton for punishment) and Candy Crowley comes on talking about the Obama's planned trip to Europe and to the Middle East.

How will this "total unknown" be judged overseas, says Candy.

And she was blabbing on about "how high risk it was" and "he couldn't afford to stumble" with his relative inexperience on the international scene.

Like for the last 7 years the US hasn't been stumbling around the world political scene worse then any drunk I have ever seen outside any bar at 2 AM New Year's night?

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First you argue, then you ridicule....

Then you pity, then you ignore....

Then you forgive and bring them back into the family.

That's my take on a version of the stages of grief, and how we should approach the PUMAs.

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Why are the polls so close? Shouldn't this be easier?

I see a lot of sturm und drang here, mostly of this form:

"It's definitely a democratic year, yet Obama is:"

1.    Tied in the polls
2.    Barely leading in the polls
3.    Can't get over 50%

Now, personally, I think it's too soon to care about the polls, and I am mostly concerned about the media. If they keep given McGaffe Central a free pass, and keep obsessing about total non-issues on the Obama side (satiric magazine covers) then I do think we have a reason to be "concerned." He who controls the news-cycles controls the message.

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Slight of hand: McCain's free pass on women's issues

There was a great piece on the news this morning, John McCain was interviewed on the Complete Bullshit Express, Oh, I mean the Straight Talk Express, about comments that surrogate Carly Fiorina made about insurance companies paying for Viagra and not birth control.

http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/poli tics/5882172.html

It was amazing to watch, McCain could barely control his anger, and looked like he wanted to rip the head off the female reporter, who calming keep pushing him for why he had voted twice to keep insurance companies from having to provide birth control but his surrogate Fiorina was expressing the other position.

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"There ain't no damn Republicans here!"

I attended a gay wedding this weekend.

And, there was only ONE big difference in it.

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Faux news lines up more Ex-Clinton staffers

http://blog.washingtonpost.com/thefix/20 08/07/wolfson_to_fnc.html

Howard Wolfson is joining Lanny Davis at Faux news, to, as Howard put it:

""Fox has the largest audience in cable television -- many of its viewers are independents who will help decide the next election," said Wolfson of his decision. "It's critically important for strong progressives to be talking to and offering analysis to that audience."

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Not McCain=Bush, McCain=Cheney!

For all those (understandably pissed-off) Clinton supporters, and us Obama supporters trying to talk some of them down off the ledge of voting for a Republic, I would like to suggest a change to the narrative a bit, since I hear a lot of "If you support McCain, you are voting to continue the policies of George W Bush?

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