F-You MyDD, You just lost my F-ing ass!

Who ever the F censored my diary, F-you and the F-ing horse you rode in.

In what F-ing universe, on a Blog that let stand REAMS of blatant racism against the first black president, that lets incredibly stupid SPAM diaries by concern trolls highlight the rec list, has some dumb-ass front pager seen fit to enforce political correctness by editing out a word they found offensive..get with the program, children, this is 2009. B-slapped is an idiom used without any need to check with the policial correctness police;, but it figures on a site that had HUNDREDS of diaries about "Did OBAMA FLIP OFF HILLARY" would some too cool for school chowderhead decide to wash my mouth out with soap, thanks for correcting an obvious male chauvinist pig like me!

Way to focus on keeping it real!!!

On MyDD? Have you stopped and read some of the piles of steaming content free dung that resides on this site?

http://www.mydd.com/story/2009/9/27/3482 1/2310#commenttop

What, did you read the dairy of the F-ing IDIOT farright democrat over at the palace of racial slime Alegre's Corner and worry your blog was getting a bad name!

Hey, you still have time to write an apology diary to the entire Alegre crew, let them know you are so sorry that one of your bad boy posters offended their delicate sensibilities.

Well that's it, that's the fricking final straw for me.

What a joke.  This of all places choosing THAT to censor.

Maybe if you drive out the rest of the intelligent posters, the folks at Alegre's will forgive you all and come back en masse.

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Sen. Stabenow slaps Kyl!

This will be short (and oh so sweet), but I wonder if you could see the spittle flying from the mouth of John Kyl (R-Aholeville) after Senator Debbie Stabenow smacked his ugly mug today during the Finance Committee hearings:

http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/ 09/kyl-i-dont-need-maternity-care-staben ow-your-mom-probably-did.php?ref=fpblg

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Help stop the Public Options!

My Fellow Americans,

As true American patriots step up to help Health Care CEO's protect their dreams by defeating the Health Insurance Reform Public Option in Congress, isn't it time to turn our attention to the most insidious of all Socialistic Public Options?

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Maria Cantwell Steps up:No Public Option, No Vote!

OK, I know, only ONE diary per day, but I am just SHOCKED that the more conservative of my Senators has stepped up to the plate, Before Kerry, Before Schumer and said, she is not voting this POS bill out of committee without a public option and a change to the Medicare reimbursement formulae:

http://www.theolympian.com/election/pres idential/story/973185.html

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You a Libertarian? Prove It! Justice Act introduced...

One of the phoniest group of folks out there in my NOT so humble opinion are the fellow travelers at the Tea-Bagger Racism Festivals who, because they are too embarrassed to call themselves Republicans, claim they are Libertarians.

You can spot them because they are basically Ron Paul sycophants, all jacked up about the FED and the Gold Standard, but their eyes glaze over if you ask them about Bush and the Patriot Act, domestic spying, etc...They were all for it, at least when Cheney was doing it. How else are we going to catch all those IslamoFacists that are hiding out in Montana?

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MODERATORS! A Denial of Service attack!

Anyone watching needs to delete all of Springna's diaries
and close him/her's account pronto!

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Sotomayor fires one across corporate America's bow!

Well, she may not have been liberal enough for many, but during her first appearance on the SCOTUS bench Associate Justice Sotomayor spoke out about one of the great missteps in US judicial history, the "about to be codified into law" assumption that Corporations are US Citizens just like people, and therefore have all the constitutional rights that human citizens do.

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12531408 8285517643.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

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Scare tactics only work on Baucus, Conrad

It turns out that only our ConservaDems in congress are scared of their own shadows AND Glenn Beck. But the American Public?

Not so much.

Remember when Baucus and Conrad gave into the mob, and made it extra-double-triple clear in their bill there were no death panels, and no illegal immigrants were going to get coverage, no abortions, etc....

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Baucus lays big steaming turd, Has-mat teams alerted

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090916/ap_o n_go_co/us_health_care_overhaul

AP is reporting that Has-mat teams were called to the Dirksen Senate Building this morning, in response to phone calls from Senate staffers reporting "a foul and noxious odor" emanating from the Senate office of Montana Senator Max Baucus (D-CorporateSlut).

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"Treatment of Alan Turing Appalling" says British Gov, 57 years late

There are no "what ifs" that make sense in science and technology, but what can be said without any reservations is, the computer you are using to access this board and the rest of the internet, in fact the entire computer revolution can trace a line back to Alan Turing, who not only changed the modern world through his genius, but also probably saved the world from Fascism by breaking the German Enigma code in WW2.


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