Scare tactics only work on Baucus, Conrad

It turns out that only our ConservaDems in congress are scared of their own shadows AND Glenn Beck. But the American Public?

Not so much.

Remember when Baucus and Conrad gave into the mob, and made it extra-double-triple clear in their bill there were no death panels, and no illegal immigrants were going to get coverage, no abortions, etc....

BTW, if they put a gun to their heads and said they would pull the trigger if any of this happened, Glenn Beck would say the gun was full of blanks. NOTHING is going to make the mob believe anything approaching reality.

Well, it seems while our Reagan Democrats flinched, the American Public, except for the loony 30%, can tell Republican Dross from Shinola! -care/poll-big-majorities-dismiss-leadin g-right-wing-health-care-attacks-as-scar e-tactics/

They completely bought the Republican BS that there is some universal outrage over the bills, that the Villagers from the bad Frankenstein movies actually reflected the fears of the American people.

Turns out, the American people are simply not as gullible as our congress critters are.

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Re: Scare tactics only work on Baucus, Conrad

Conrad did vote against the Iraq war. He also comes from a pretty red state. He may have different opinions on health care but as long as he doesn't filibuster the bill or oppose reconciliation...

by vecky 2009-09-19 10:08AM | 0 recs


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