A Day Without Immigrants

Illegals around the nation are gathering to protest the potentially unfair policies in store for them. This begs many questions, the first of which is: if so many lawbreakers are voluntarily assemblying themselves into very close quarters, isn't this the perfect opportunity for the INS to get some roundup practice in? I mean, it's never going to get any easier than this.

So how do we survive without illegals? Well, first off...buy that new dishwasher you've had your sights on Mr. Small Restaurant Owner. And Mr. Palatial Estate - don't forget to teach your overprivileged son the invaluable lesson of properly mowing the lawn. It may come in handy when Pedro the gardener demands a raise ($1 an hour wasn't cutting it you cheap bastard).

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Hot Air Indeed

Looks like the smarty pants over at Pajamas Media have discovered the fine art of Podcasting and Videoblogging. I don't know what's worse - reading Michelle Malkin spew hatred on her website or watching her do it on video with a bad fake grin.

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An Open Letter to Michelle Malkin

Dear Ms. Malkin,

I can appreciate your views in support of the War in Iraq. While I have personally opposed this reckless and incompetently mismanaged military operation, reasonable people can certainly disagree on an issue as emotional and controversial as war. Our republic was founded by individuals that were concerned about the dangers of an all too powerful government. Lucky for us, the First Amendment was ratified to give political dissenters the ability to peacefully protest without fear of incarceration or extradition.

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Giuliani Has No Chance in '08

The next time someone reminds you that former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is leading in the national polls for the 2008 GOP Presidential Nomination, remind that person that:

1.) national polls are useless since there is no national primary;
2.) Giuliani is pro-choice so he has no chance with the evangelical Christian conservative voters which love to remind us that they are the reason Bush won in 2000 and 2004.

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