An Open Letter to Michelle Malkin

Dear Ms. Malkin,

I can appreciate your views in support of the War in Iraq. While I have personally opposed this reckless and incompetently mismanaged military operation, reasonable people can certainly disagree on an issue as emotional and controversial as war. Our republic was founded by individuals that were concerned about the dangers of an all too powerful government. Lucky for us, the First Amendment was ratified to give political dissenters the ability to peacefully protest without fear of incarceration or extradition.

What I can not appreciate is your morally repugnant decision to post the personal contact information of certain students at the University of California, Santa Cruz on your blog to further your own personal interests. Yes, this information was generally available through various media outlets but there was never an intent to intimidate and harass others until you gave people the ability. The ironic part is that you choose to operate behind a computer screen, remaining in the safe anonymity of the blogosphere. Hypocrisy has no place in constructive political discourse.

In the future, it would be appreciated if you took a few moments to consider the effects a nationally syndicated columnist may have over unsuspecting college students. Imagine if a hypothetical anti-war American, who just happened to be read by a large segment of the population, decided to post your personal contact information. I doubt you would find that particular fact pattern very amusing.

Ultimately, Democrats and Republicans, conservatives and liberals are all concerned with the same thing - the ultimate success and prosperity of our beloved country. I respect your disagreement on this and any other future issues, but please, let's keep the innocent bystanders where they belong - on the sidelines.

Best regards,

Joshua P. Rosenstock

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