What Makes People Vote Republican? Futile Exercises?

If Obama were still leading in all the polls beyond the margin of error, I don't believe we'd be having such a serious discussion about what makes people vote Republican or Democratic.

Rather, we'd be discussing Republicans the dying breed; that a material majority of America has chosen a path toward true enlightenment and goodwill toward fellow man.

The fact is, that Republicans have been losing ground since 2005 when they controlled the white house and both sides of congress.  Under their watch, the presidency has reached lows not seen since disgraced Nixon and the decline in Congressional approval rates accelerated under the Republicans.  They lost both sides of Congress and the majority of governorships for the first time in 12 years.  And were in defend mode to avoid losing super majorities in this 2008 election in the face of economic woes, unpopular war and newly energized Democratic voter surges.

There stood the literal state of the union prior to the end of the DNC. And then the RNC happened -- and in one tiny period of 4 days, three years of Republican decline reversed in the face of a swing reversal in the polls

Interesting how a shift in the polls causes so much introspective analysis about "what is the true underlying cause that they vote the other guy" and we pull out our psychological neuroscience to make sense of why we've had this bout of misfortune believing that if we can understand, it might alleviate some of our distress or that if we could glean the insight, we could stop it.  

The man said, "Doc, it hurts when I do that." Doc said, "well, don't do that".  Could the reason for our misfortune be as simple as something we did or something that was done to us that is the root of our woes?  

No doubt this dem brain/repub brain is an interesting exercise but, the reality is that there was a game changing shift that caused shoppers (voters) whose complex brains could be sympathetic to both republican markers and democratic markers to switch from a preference to picking the blue shirt over the red shirt.

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Obama Make THE Speech to Hillary Supporters


I've debated whether we need to wait a few more days before writing this but as more state and national polls come out, it's clear to me with each passing day that this bounce is probably not a bounce but an actual game-shifting surge.  Your surrogates try to point to this or that in these polls to rationalize that it's solely due to independents or just renewed enthusiasm from the Republican base.  Blindly believing that some of Hillary's supporters aren't still hurt and seeking closure for those feelings, at this point, leads us closer and closer to defeat.

Hillary made her speech to her supporters, Bill made his speech to Hillary's supporters - they were fine speeches but those speeches were not enough for many.  


And you need to do it NOW.  But you say, "I always ask them for their vote at every stump I give".  No, not in a stump speech.  In a focussed speech targeted at HILLARY's supporters with Hillary by your SIDE.

Don't worry that detractors might say "insincerity, it's self-serving because he's losing and needs them now" or that no way is it going to work, don't even bother -  The ELECTION is at stake.  Nobody needs to rehash what happened in the Primaries and the VP selection, but try to think how your supporters would have felt if you were in Hillary's shoes after a hard fought primary and being skipped over for VP - and you'll know in your heart how they feel.

You've taken it this far to not go take the last measure needed to get the train back on its tracks - a little empathy, humility, sincerity will work. Explain in your own words how you viewed what transpired and REALLY ask them for THEIR VOTE.  

Look up the word 'ELOQUENCE' in the dictionary and your picture is there - we know you can weave the words.  You won't convince all of them but I believe those that have gravitated to McCain/Palin will at least hear you out and you'll get to many of them.  At the very least if they still can't support you - they might not vote at all rather than pulling the lever for McCain, this may be just as important in a close election.

I know you'll do the right thing.

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