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    If these polls are true . . . there is no recovery from the loss of PA.

    This is why McCain is focussing so hard on PA, he's using it to pin down Biden and force us to devote massive resources, thereby neglecting other offensive states.

    I'm confident that McCain feels if he wins PA that he's really got the upper hand forcing Obama to run the table on all other swing states and keep all his leaners.

    He needs to move the daughter of Scranton, Hillary, out of FL and park her in PA along with Biden.

  • As great as Biden is, as each day goes past, I'm really having my doubts that he can bring himself to really attack McCain as a VP should.  

    He refers to him as "John" and never passes up an opportunity to say "he's my friend".   Now when you do that stuff as a qualifier - you can't help but water down the effectiveness of your attack.  I mean why the hell is he such a close friend of yours if his thinking/policies/judgement is so f'd up?  It only propagates this McCain as reaching across the aisle, maverick reputation.

    I wonder if Obama had any clue of this before picking Biden.

    Moreover, he's hestitant to attack the woman, Palin too.  

    Won't attack friend and won't attack a woman equals not doing the Veep thing.

  • You are so right, and I love Biden but he has got to stop that - McCain's the adversary for the presidency.

    How do you convey that McCain is absolutely the wrong man for the job when you give the impression that you're long-time drinking buddies?

  • Believe the opposite of anything that Rove says publicly.

    We're all just playing the game - the problem is he wrote the playbook and made up all the rules of the game.

  • Every knock down keeps her in the spotlight - Obama knows this and obviously doesn't share your opinion.

    Now Obama is loathe to speak her name on the stump and probably even asked the 527s to build attack ads only directed at McSame and not her.  I think Obama's tack is the right one.

    I'd like to see you at Dkos.

  • Because all too often Governors have approval ratings that are in the crapper.

    Our most populous state, California has Schwarzenegger currently at 31% approval.

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    Saying something is pro-Hillary makes you automatically assume it must be anti-Obama then right?

    You might have voted Palin because she's "younger and prettier than Hillary" but W got elected because he was stupider than Gore or Kerry - just following along with your wise electoral rationale.

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    You're a little off;

    if McCain gets MI, OH, PA, and FL he'd have 295

    then Obama would need CO, NV, NM, VA, MO, NC to win. . . which at this time in the election is patently ridiculous.

    My initial post was that Obama's GROUND game helped him in the battleground states of CO and VA in the primaries but there is little to suggest his vaunted ground game helped him in any other battleground state of the primaries . . . so it's just conjecture that his GOTV will pull this out.  

    If it is exceedingly close to begin with then the few tenths that his turnout brings in the battlegrounds helps in the margin.  

    If the rethug church-going-crowd is as energized as they appear to have become in the last few weeks - then we've got our work cut out.  Those churches wrote the book on GOTV and have basically pounded us in the last 2 presidential elections.

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    Nobody, would have with-a-straight-face said for the past 3 years since late 2005 THROUGH our DNC that this would be anything BUT a Democratic year in fact the best year for dems in 1/2 a century.

    Something happened after the DNC that changed this Democratic year and if things are not put back on track, the current stewards of the party must PAY-THE-PRICE for squandering such a chance.

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    If Obama had picked Clinton and occupied the female space, then McSimpleton in my opinion would have picked some other person with a "maverick" reputation like Heineman or Powell possibly to occupy both the maverick space and the african american space.

    If you really think that genius McCain would have picked Palin a novice to go 14 rounds in a catfight with Clinton - then that's your perogative.

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    Watch the clip, there are gentle stabs at the way she was treated in the primaries all over the place.

    If you want to blame anyone, blame the SNL writers.

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    SNL proves once again that they are quite pro-Hillary, the writers haven't fully let go of the primary loss.

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    Tina's face is so similar to Sarah that they could be long lost sisters.

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    No doubt the new voter primary turnout worked in solid blue states and possibly VA and CO.

    But your opinion falls apart in OH, PA, MI, FL the make or break swing states that will determine this election.

    We will need massive turnout just to keep the states we're supposed to win.

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    Latest Rasmussen shows WA that previously was +14 now is +2 for Obama.  There hasn't been a poll for OR since prior to conventions.

    It is possible that Palin's "jane outdoors" image is having some effect on these hunting, fishing wildlife states.


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