Today is the day Edwards supporters 'Ron Pauls' the Media

In case you had not heard, the net roots organizers for Edwards have declared Friday Jan 18, 2008 the Edwards 'moneybomb' day.
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Why? Well for one, Ron Paul's supporters are showing the establishment that the net roots can generate publicity in ways that can not be ignored - money.

We have seen the media coronate first Hillary, now Hillary and Obama as the 2 candidates that can win. Well, there are 3 candidates, and only one who is against coal power and nuclear power, who will have the troops out of Iraq the fastest, 10 months, and who has never accepted PAC or lobbyist money. Why don't you hear about him? Well, the corporate groups like the DLC don't like his threats to their money supply, that is why you hear this:
Al From, the D.L.C. founder, said he was "very happy about the two candidates" Americans are considering.
That is from Lawrence Odonnell, the guy that called Edwards a 'loser' but then defends Obama's praise of Reagan over Clinton as 'smart' on Olbermann. From bewert on dkos
O'Donnell defended Obama and thought that Obama should channel more of Reagan, especially in the California primary and the general election. When Keith asked O'Donnell about Reagan's union busting, specifically citing the Air Traffic Controller's union, and how that would play with the Nevada unions, O'Donnell stated he thought that the voters were too young to remember that old history, so it wouldn't have an effect
. I remember, and guess what Lawrence, Unions educate their members. But hey, it is not just the unions that remember Reagan. Remember Iran-Contra? You know, the deal the CIA made to sell arms to Iran for the Iran - Iraq war, as payback for Iran holding the Iranian hostages 6 months longer, from July of 1980, until inauguration day in 1981, so that Reagan could paint a great Democrat, Jimmy Carter, as 'soft' and make him a one term president? You know, that guy whose first act as president was to remove the solar panels Jimmy Carter had installed in the White House? I remember. And I am not in the mood for another DLC presidency that talks nice to us but passes NAFTA trade agreements like the Peru FTA which Clinton and Obama both support, but get a complete pass on this subject in the media. Edwards is the only one of the top three talking about the truth. But what do we hear? Well, with all the media blackout, his support must be dwindling right? hmm...
Anyone who thinks John Edwards is a loser and should take his marbles and go back to North Carolina apparently were not at the Edwards' rally in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday. Is this why the campaign played "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" during the pre-rally warm-up? It seems a lot of voters here have the impression, however misguided and dumb, that the guy's a serious candidate for president. Who knew? And that the race for the Democratic nomination isn't over. Who are these starry-eyed dreamers anyway? Haven't they been following the news, with its all-Hillary, all-Barack coverage all the time? But back to the rally, which took place downtown at the Southern California Public Service Workers' headquarters. In a parking lot. Yes, it couldn't have been less glamorous, but that was the point. As Jason Gomez, a Latino sanitation worker and former Teamsters member in his 30s said of Edwards, "So many of the candidates don't seem like they're representing the people. He's the people's guy. He's the man for me."
Now WE THE PEOPLE can make the media pay attention to that candidate, John Edwards. Here is also why I contributed.
"I believe this war in Iraq needs to be brought to an end, that means an end to combat missions in Iraq. Senator Clinton believes we should continue combat missions in Iraq. Her explanation for this is that there terrorists are operating in Iraq. That sounds strangely familiar to me. We have a president who says the same thing. This is an argument between more war and less war. I want the argument (in the debates against the republican in the general) to war versus no war."
On Lieberman Kyl:
"You can guess who wants the Iranian Guard designated a terrorist organization? George Bush. Biden and Dodd, to their credit, voted no. I was strongly opposed to it. How long does it take us to learn our lesson about George Bush? You give this guy an inch, he will take a mile. Senator Clinton voted Yes, What I am worried about - so in 6 months when George Bush invades Iran, are going to hear (her say)"if I only knew then what I know now."
"Instead of 500 billion in Iraq, we could give primary education to 100 million children in the world who don't have any education at all, in Africa, Latin America, the Muslim world, all for 3 billion a year. If we just promoted sanitation and clean drinking water, things we all take for granted - I have seen firsthand from the work I have done in Africa, how much difference that would make in stopping the spread of disease. Today, there is an entire generation all around the world sitting on the fence. On one side, there is Bin Laden, Al Qaida, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and on the other side is America. Which way do they go? That depends on us."
On Bush and Cheney:
"I listen to George Bush - about as little as I can get away with, but here is what I hear... Stay home, watch television, go shopping. me and Dick Cheney, we'll take care of ya' I don't want that crowd taking care of me! I don't trust em', that is not America! We are not a country that cowers in the corner waiting for someone to watch over us. We are strong, we are courageous, we are out there pushing the envelope. And by the way, when I'm the president of the United States of America,DISSENT WILL ONCE AGAIN BE PATRIOTIC!"
That is the leader we need. And despite the media blackout, this is not just about an Edwards supporter whining about the corporate media dogging out the one candidate that is actually talking about ending the stranglehold corporations have on our democracy. It is not about whining, it is about WINNING. Despite all of the media coverage of Senators Clinton and Obama, there is one story they have not told. The most electable of the candidates is Edwards. This has been clear in poll after poll, such as CNN's Latest poll Clinton and Obama are not beating McCain nationally, while Edwards beats him by 8%. Obama and Clinton are not beating Huckabee in OHIO, while Edwards beats him by 9%. We know how close the 2000 and 2004 elections were, especially in red states like Ohio. But even knowing these polls, CNN has now stopped reporting on Edwards in the polls. Can't let the voters know that important detail. We have the opportunity to shine the light on the candidate that the corporations want to silence. I want Dissent to remain Patriotic, especially dissent from corporate media. Donate today for our democracy.

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if he brings in

less than $1,000,000, will Edwards drop out?

by highgrade 2008-01-18 07:40AM | 0 recs
Re: if he brings in

What a stupid remark.  This isn't organized by the campaign.  If he brings in $1,000,000, then he has another $1,000,000 plus matching funds to continue the campaign.  With the way things are, we could end up with a brokered convention with the Edwards and his delegate stash being the king or queen maker.

by Vox Populi 2008-01-18 07:57AM | 0 recs


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