• I don't feel shut out -- they kiss our ass more than Ohio. I just think I live in a state full of morons.
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    I'm into sports car performance tuning. I have to buy the premium stuff and I get hardly better mileage than an SUV even though I drive a sports car due to my engine outputting 150% it's original factor horsepower.

    Needless to say this shit is kicking my ass. It's not going to get any better either with China and India growing at 7% annually -- combined population 2.3 billion. Inevitably I'll be paying $3/gal probably within a year or two. I already pay about $2.52 now.

  • Maybe people have good intentions and Hackett has earned their respect and confidence.
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    I've been hearing a lot in the news lately about how the newly surfaced tapes of Marilyn Monroe indicate she wasn't suicidal. So what are the republican conspiracy nuts saying? That Bobby Kennedy had Marilyn killed because: she was going to break up with him and she was the best sex he ever had!

    I watched a 15 minute segment of this crap on MSNBC as Nixon whore Monica Crowley discussed this issue with another nut as if there was some evidence alluding to this assertion. What pissed me off is when Deep Throat surfaced she and the rest of the Nixon crowd all denied that Nixon did anything wrong and even if he did, it should never have come out! Nixon was impeached and Watergate became the biggest dirtiest scandel in presidential history and we have Nixon's own recordings to prove it. And yet here these people take pure speculation and give it national air time. Just to smear the Kennedy name.

    It's taboo to discuss JFK's assassination, but speculating that Bobby Kennedy killed Marilyn is perfectly fine.

  • And don't forget that red states vote republican by greater margins than blue states vote democrat. That's why Bush won by 3.5 mil votes in 2004. He won the red states by greater margins than Kerry won the blue ones.
  • EC: 27 / 538 = 5%
    PV: 500,000 / 105,500,000 = .47%

    When you look at the significance of those votes in their respective equations you can see that the popular vote was statistically 10x closer than the electoral vote though.

    You can't really compare the two systems' votes as weighing the same for winning the presidency. 500,000 votes is extremely close in presidential election. One issue's news in one day could swing that margin.

  • The buyers' remorse I'm seeing from the public now 9 months after the election pisses me off.
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    That Nixon slut Monica Crowley is on a 10 minute segment right now pushing the theory with another nutcase that Bobby Kennedy had Marylyn Monroe assassinated because she was going to break up with him. This is the same bitch that to this day defends Nixon's Watergate scandal and says Nixon should never have been impeached.
  • Well, the top 4 on the dems side are considered moderates and add up to 80%. I'd add Clark myself because I consider him a moderate, but let's leave him out.

    The difference between the two parties is that the GOP religious right and neocon base controls the republican party agenda at the moment. The opposite is not true about the democrats. I'm counting on this for the republican base to sink McCain and Guiliani in 2008.

  • So was Dean.
  • I do not want to see republicans gaining EC votes from states like CA and NY. It would not make up for the ones dems gain in TX.
  • Independents can vote in GOP primaries in some states. Good opportunity to help sabotage their primaries.
  • My vote was one of the 300 that decided 2000 in FL in contested Volusia county. It still didn't mean anything thanks to the SCOTUS.
  • Amendment to #4 re: bias. Too biased, not lack thereof. You know what I meant.
  • This is in answer to the three posts above.

    Much of this is speculation on your own admission. This is why I withhold judgement on the issue of homosexuality and its cause while others ignore the infancy of science in this area and draw conclusions from speculation regardless.

    You'd also notice that there are plenty of people on both sides of the argument who have PhDs in their disciplines and who are involved firsthand in their fields pertaining to this issue. Myself, my field is information systems medical and developmental psychology, the latter of which I've pretty much come to believe is basically like divining the future from cat guts, it changes so often and is so subjective. That said, I don't think there are any experts here with credentials necessary to question the conclusions of the scientists with the PhDs. If there are, do point me to their papers submitted in medical journals so I can read their opinions and analysis.

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