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    Where to donate for the DLC? I usually give just to candidates though, so where's their roster? This reminds me I have to contribute $100 this month.
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    Bill Clintion -- greatest president ever
    Hillary Clinton -- greatest senator ever
    JFK -- greatest democrat ever
    Woodrow Wilson -- best inspiration for neocons ever

    Ralph Nader -- not a dem, but best liberal ever

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    I'm with you on JFK, but FDR? Count me out.
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    Nobody can stand up to Hillary and no one else will have Bill Clinton campaigning for them. It's very easy to see that she will be nominated. Hell, if she had run in 2004 she would have been nominated then too.

    But I still look forward to a spirited primary to define the issues for the platform. Remember party unity in 2008!

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    Saw this yesterday on Connected. I was impressed when Cindy easily handled that Nixon whore. It was like she knew exactly which questions were coming. Then Ron Reagan was basically insulting Bush when Monica recited her talking points and you could see how pissed she was, not even trying to smile at the end of the show. I just want to smack that Monica bitch.
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    That's your opinion. I may be an independent but I believe the DLC under the leadership of Bill Clinton in 1992 was the best thing to happen to the democratic party in a long time. Back then I might have even registered as a democrat. They lost focus since Bill's been out of office, however. I don't have a problem with the DLC.
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    Dicipline and loyalty. Remember that in 2008 because I won't forget it, and neither will Hillary I imagine. If she's the nominee I expect your loyalty.

    That's another difference I see between many moderates and liberals. Moderates are more willing to promise they'll vote for the nominee regardless of who wins, while liberals are more likely to threaten sitting out or voting 3rd party. Ironic considering moderates and liberals alike still flay Nader as a spoiler.

    Speaking of focused message, I feel Nader is the truest and most courageous voice on the left. If he had a realistic chance of winning I would support his ticket just because of how principled he is.

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    Oh come on now, the problem here is both sides spend most of their energy criticizing the other rather than cooperating. And lately I've seen far more consiliatory words coming from the DCCC and DLC than from the netroots. Many of the big names from the leftroots like Bob Brigham and Markos just offer attacks and insults. Last I checked, that doesn't exactly win friends and positively influence people. The John Bolton method sucks.
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    I agree, that's what I do. I only give directly to candidates so I have more control over where my funds are going.
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    Bill Clinton is the greatest president.

    I don't like FDR because of his conduct over Pearl Harbor when he withheld information from the Navy that an attack was imminent. I also found his coddling of Stalin particularly repugnant.

  • Thanks for the personal attack. I expect no less from you. I hope you don't mind I hold you to your own standards. Good day.
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    Hillary will slaughter Cheney like nobody's business. Oh please please please run for president Dick!
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    Everything isn't black and white, one way or another. Does it always take a centrist to see the middle of every issue?

    The DCCC should coordinate its efforts closer with the netroots in effort to get its support and money behind candidates in red districts that need that extra boost to make a competitive race, and do this faster. The DCCC should simply take it's logic and liberalize it a bit, lower the pragmatic bar a little more. Give more candidates a chance...perhaps set up a fund particularly for this purpose.

    The netroots should keep doing what its doing but quit demanding the DCCC operate like they do. The DCCC is its own organization and has its own uses and philosophy. Both the establishment and the base should be finding ways to coordinate their efforts, not bicker.

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    Because that's the only way she's going to have  a shot at Hillary's seat.
  • Don't take it personally. Curt prefers troll rating people on his own side like me. Notice that lots of these guys despise moderate independents more than you republicans. That's why you republicans often have an edge in national elections.


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