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    a former FBI agent or anyone else with forensics skills and access to sophisticated equipment could get it done.

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    do you really think either of them would be the running mate of the other?  

    Not to imply bad blood or anything between them, but I have a hard time seeing Edwards being a VP candidate again, especially to upstart Obama, it's kinda like saying that you're a perpetual sidekick and can't ever be the superhero.  

    That being said, I like the combination enough, either is far better than Hillary.

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    Wow, that's hilarious! I've got it copied into a word document, not sure how to get it to flip around, maybe I'll just have to read it in a mirror...

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    or at least small abstracts of the editorials and columnists (2-7, p. 37).

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    talking about the "forced resignations" and making bold accusations about political motivations.  There are money quotes in there!

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    "resignation," as Conyers had apparently written with concern that her firing was to disrupt an investigation (into Republican corruption).

    I wonder how often we'll see this argument:

    "USAs serve at the pleasure of the President.Like other highranking Executive Branch officials, they may be removed for any reason or no reason. (snip) That on occasion in an organization as large as the Justice Department some USAS resign-- for whatever reason-- should come as no surprise."

    For whatever reason!? Ha, that's rich, why don't we ask her?

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    why the SD USA has such an atrocious record prosecuting illegal immigration cases and what can be done to improve it because the Border Patrol agents find it demoralizing to have so few cases prosecuted and have stopped referring their cases there, i.e. they're letting people through because of lax enforcement --- that's a curious twist!

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    on a CV?

    I've never seen that before, I wonder if it was specifically requested, because they're present on some (I've only looked at a few so far) of the CVs included in the documents (the only one I've looked at so far, at random, is 2-9).

    And, of course, this guy was a serious Republican backer, from College Republicans all the way through County Director for Bush '04 in South Dakota.

  • in Congress, and almost probably the one who's district would be most vulnerable.

    Wu hasn't been a leader on the state level, not like Blumenauer nor DeFazio, either of them would kick ass but not Wu.

    I sure someone else steps up to the plate, but for Wu to hint at it suggests that no one else has cleared the field yet (in the backroom discussions), and I'm still waiting for Kitzhaber (former Dem Gov) to decide this summer (per personal conversation)

  • That may be the best part of this, having everyone associated with the Bush administration indelibly tarnished for future political office.

    I assume that Gonzalez (and the GOP in general) hoped to capitalize on his time in the national limelight and his favorable ethnicity to catapult him to future political office, but thankfully this will be the last we hear of him, a la Ken Blackwell, Katherine Harris, etc.

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    This is a bombshell (on the scale of Senate races, at least)--- where did you hear it? KPOJ?

    This would be awesome, I've been holding out for Kitzhaber even despite his public denials of interest (because he has told me in private that it's on his mind and that he won't really decide until later this summer), but DeFaz would be fantastic.  Of course, it would be a shame to lose his seniority in the House, but we need someone to take out Smith and he can definitely do it.

    I see some backroom political machinations at play here, I think that the reason no one has even hinted at challenging Smith yet is because of the strong suspicion that a big fish or two (e.g. DeFaz and Kitz) have yet to give their final word that their not interested.  For me, I put the deadline at the end of the summer, and then we'll see either one of these big two or lots of smaller fry.  Also, I also predict Kitz running for Governor again if he doesn't run for Senate (it's unlikely that he would accept a D.C. job in a Democratic Presidential administration if he weren't going to run for the Senate, they both require him to be far from his cherished Oregon).

  • Agreed, I didn't see this in the video at all--- where does this quote come from?

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    There was talk once, very ill-informed, that Oregon's present Governor (Kulongoski) might run, but he's been re-elected and has a Democratic Legislature to work with (thank God), so that's dead in the water.

    As for Kitzhaber, the very popular former Governor, that's a non-starter too, he's very averse to DC and it'll be a miracle if we can get him to run for Senate (and take out our lone Republican Senator, Smith).

    And to add my two bits, I don't like anybody running now for the Dems except Gore, who isn't even running. I would support Edwards, but I still don't believe he can overcome the "what has he done" criticism, and neither does Obama.

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    He's already shown he's a team player by campaigning energetically for dozens of contenders last time and giving generously from his own campaign cash.

    Disclaimer: I live in his district

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    Okay, here's my list:

    Gary Trauner (WY-01)       $20.00       
    Eric Massa (NY-29)     $20.00      
    Larry Grant (ID-01)     $20.00      
    Joseph Sestak Jr (PA-07)     $20.00      
    Patrick Murphy (PA-08)     $20.00      
    Larry Kissell (NC-08)     $20.00      
    Paul Hodes (NH-02)     $20.00      
    Darcy Burner (WA-08)     $20.00      
    Jay Fawcett (CO-05)     $20.00      
    Jerry McNerney (CA-11)     $20.00      
    Total     $200.00

    plus two local Oregon candidates I've been volunteering for, OR-Gov Ted Kulongoski $20.00 and Rob Brading, $20.00.

    I could have selected 20 different candidates, but I like a Western strategy and some closer races in the Northeast that we really need to win.

    Now I'm going to have to go sell my blood or something, 'cause that didn't come easily for a graduate student!


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