• Dems, or so the logic goes.

    That's why he says he can beat Hillary, because he can put her states in play, or so the logic goes.

    I don't know that any of us here really know, it's just all speculation.

    We only know one thing, Rudy is either the strongest Republican nominee, or the weakest, but probably not in between (because he is opposed by some Repubs and picks up some Dems, how many of each is anyone's guess).

  • actually get our Constitutional rights restored.

    You know, like the one about right to no unlawful search and seizure.

    What a deal!

    I'm not criticizing you, mikelow, but just trying to make the point that this is huge, and not difficult to understand if we actually just tell people about it.

    Who doesn't understand that our phone companies shouldn't be allowed to spy on us, especially without a warrant?

    How is that not a winning argument in any election?

  • symbolic? Respecting our Constitutional rights is symbolic??

    Obviously you're not one of these "elite bloggers" who actually knows what the FISA hold is all about.

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    The national Republicans can spout all they want about having a "not so bad" or even "positive" environment for Republicans, because the bloom will come off of that (fake) rose soon enough when Democrats take over the Governorship in Kentucky.

    That'll make a much louder statement than anything they can cultivate from Louisiana and Mississippi. In that respect, we may as well hope that the run-off is won outright by Jindal so that their day in the limelight is as short-lived as possible.

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    the whole time I read this up until the end where you mentioned the Democratic candidate, and I thought, "Hey, isn't Charlie Brown in this race?"

    It's getting hard to keep up with the Republican corruption!

  • they are in debt?

    Sure, Hillary may have negative coattails in conservative districts, but if the GOP are cash-strapped they won't be able to capitalize on that.

  • down to criticize him, as he's still got time to correct this mistake and wait on now that they've alerted him to his mistake.

    Goddamn, is it too much to ask that our politicians be professionals? Haven't they ever heard Napoleon's infamous statement "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake"?

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    in his first speech, and criticized the Democratic candidates for not doing the same.

    Now which side do you think he'll be drawing from more?

  • comment on a post House GOP Facing Serious Recruitment Problems over 6 years ago

    I'd like to see some information suggesting pervasive recruiting problems before I read too much into these very few anecdotes.

    Yes, it's encouraging that these very vulnerable Dems aren't being more seriously challenged to date, and even more so that the likelihood of the Dems being in the majority will depress recruitment significantly (along with depressing the money race), but this is a pretty small example from which to be making statements about recruitment nationwide. Perhaps the title should be changed to reflect that this, so far, is just about Georgia.

  • MN will be tough, I like Franken and I don't know the other candidates but don't fool yourself, this is no gimme, it barely went for Kerry last time around.

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    for sure Domenici (R, NM), and probably also Hagel (R, NE) and Craig (R, ID) as both will probably not run again, making their seats competitive (especially if former Dems. from each state, respectively, LaRocco and Bob Kerrey run again, which are strong possibilities).

    Also, in the same vein, three to keep an eye on are Cochran (R, MS), Stevens (R, AK), and Barrasso (R, WY).  I know that may seem like a joke, but it's not as the former two will likely retire, and Barrasso was just appointed to fill in the the deceased Senator from Wyoming and may face a tough election.  

    My pipe dream has us picking up 15 Senate seats, but anything to get us to 60 would be out of this world (61 would be best so Lieberman could go f*** himself), though I'm not sure about LA, Vitter complicates the reelection calculus of Landrieu.

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    to have no problem with hypocrisy and considering himself to be above the standards that he uses for others.

    Maybe this can be used to embarrass other Republicans, besides just Vitter, but these guys only respect one thing, being in power, and they'll never relinquish it.

  • Sorry to impugn your potential candidate, I guess I'm not that knowledgeable regarding famous non-political types in Oregon who could consider a run.  Hopefully one of us gets lucky with this.

    My thinking is, if not political, then either well-known for business experience (i.e. Knight), cultural (see Van Sant above), or maybe educational (a la Frohnmayers, not my favs), otherwise, maybe Peter Kohler, recent President of OHSU-- a pretty good guy in my experience.

    or maybe Joey Harrington, is he still playing football? The NFL didn't work out too well for him.

  • Nope.  I'll join in. Phil Knight?

    Not sure how well he'd do, he'd get the moderate Republican vote, but maybe not the Democratic ones.

  • More people are definitely thinking about running, this post is quite out-of-date as a very credible potential candidate, a State Senator and MD from Southern Oregon, Alan Bates, has publicly stated his interest.

    Bates, along with many others, are too occupied right now with their legislative responsibilities (and rightly so) to think about the next race.  I don't know about other states, but this may be the case elsewhere too, i.e. our future candidates are too busy right now actually fulfilling their current leadership responsibilities to distract from that.

    Things will come together, I wouldn't despair at this early hour, everyone knows that the Republicans are a disastrous brand and far too many people won't want to miss this opportunity to sock it to them for us to lose hope.  I remain thoroughly optimistic about our chances to pick up 5-6 seats, with 2-3 a bare minimum and much more possible.

    I, for one, will be having a private conversation with a well-known Oregon politico in a couple of weeks to discuss his/her potential run for the Senate, and will provide details as things advance, but if this turns out, OR will be lean-dem from the outset, and I imagine similar things are happening elsewhere.


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