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    If Obama did this grandstanding they would call him PRESUMPTUOUS and trying to show up the President.

    I could only hope that McCain has the nerve to give the speech from a disaster zone.  It would be so classless.

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    They're already vetting her scandal on MSNBC as we speak.  They had the guy she fired(or at least that's who I thought he was) talk about what happened and it didn't look good for her.

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    I said, I think, as in, it's my opinion.  There was absolutely nothing in my original post that required a troll-rating.  Just b/c you didn't agree with it, didn't make it troll worthy.  Grow up.

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    Yeah, I really pull all the strings when it comes to Hillary Clinton. (rolls eyes)

    It never stops.  Get used to it.

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    McCain's base was going to vote for him anyway, they were just going to hold their noses.  Now, they'll be enthusiastic about it.  He's also making a play for the women's vote and he'll get the disgruntled PUMAs who'll never vote for Barack Obama(like that chick on Chris Matthews).  I think at least 85% of women who supported Hillary supported her b/c she was the first qualified woman to ever run for the top spot, you could put her in there and feel comfortable with the decision.  The other 15% are just women voting based on gender and most likely Obama wasn't going to gain them back anyway.

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    What are you talking about?  You're just making this shit up as you go.

    No one is blackmailing anyone.

    Hillary's historic run is going to be used by the Republicans to gain votes.  While Obama is going to do everything he can to put a stop to that, Hillary herself may want to step up and keep this woman from using her legacy to propel herself into the VP spot.

    It's obvious you're too dense to get that.

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    She has no idea how intense the scrutiny is going to be.  

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    Last night's speech really caught them off-guard.  McCain says he made this pick yesterday morning, but I have my doubts.  Obama and Biden are going to keep tying him to Bush and there is really no way around that.  He can adopt the change mantle, but the Dems will push him about what type of change he'll bring.  I'm going to guess the only thing he'll be able to come up with is the White House decor.  

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    The question is do you trust her to conduct business with Ahmadinejad, the Pakistanis, a re-emerging Russia, and so on?  If you're so pro-life, maybe you should considered the lives of those whom already roam the Earth.

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    Turn his "he'd rather win an election, then win a war," on him.  Say: John McCain, would rather win an election, then put country first.  Does John McCain truly believe his vice-presidential pick will be able to successfully manage the fates of 300 million Americans if needed?

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    No one is laying this at Hillary's feet.  Where you got that from, I haven't the slightest clue.  All I know, is she isn't going to want this woman trying to use her run to gain a position.  

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    Of course, there will be the extreme PUMAs who vote for her, but don't fret.  PUMAs wanted not just any woman, they wanted Hillary.  They want a woman who was qualified and would campaign her way to the office, not get there by default and once there not know where the hell Georgia was.  

    BTW, Hillary isn't going to let this woman use her history making run to call women to arms.  This is the best thing really for anyone who doubted Clinton would campaign, b/c she is going to make this her own personal cause not to let this governor of 10 get into one of the highest positions of power.

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    WTF happened to "Country First?"  The idea that McCain thinks that in the event something happens to him, this woman would be capable of taking on the responsibility of tending to 300+ million Americans?  I'm honestly scared for us, if they manage to get in office.

    Also, Obama, Schumer, and Emanuel have called Palin and McCain out.  It's great.  Rove was actually offended and called it petty.  Yay for us.

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    I think it's Mittens and this day just keeps getting better and better.

    1. Don't believe any of the daily tracking polls.  They tend to play into the media narrative and nothing the Dems did this week seemed to please any of the pundits.

    2. According to Halperin, the Secret Service did a sweep of Romney's sisters' home.

    3. The GOP are putting up McCain POW ads during the RNCC which say: "This is where John McCain was starved, beaten, tortured, and maimed for life. So the next time Barack Obama talks about one of John McCain's homes, remember this one."  

    4. McCain is doing some special super duper ad according to his campaign during or before Obama's big speech which is top secret and nothing we've ever seen before.  It's probably going to come off as looking really petty and trying to steal the limelight.

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    He only admitted it, b/c as usual they always manage to get caught.  I'm assuming the affair was ongoing, b/c he was caught with her last month at The Beverly Hills Hotel?  What's that about?  

    He's still lying.  All this BS about maybe his people were giving her money, but he didn't know about it, the kid is not his and he doesn't need the paternity test b/c the time isn't right, and hiring her for web ads when she's an amateur at best is just further proof.

    And through it all Elizabeth has stood by him.(WTF is wrong with these women?)


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