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    bastion of all things democrat

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    The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

    It isn't new, maybe a year old. I checked it out of the library but it describes what would happen in various scenarios if people disappeared from the earth. How things would go back to nature or the way they would have been without human intervention. Fascinating reading!

  • Me, too. That one I really like to look at.

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    Love your comment. It's the type of reading I hope to find on blogs but rarely do.

  • I think Joe needs to go for the health of the Democratic caucus.

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    I'm sure Gov. Rendell has helped point the BO campaign to the areas to emphasize and I know BO has the best GOTV operation so I feel pretty confident, but will worry till it's a done deal.

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    I guess they should keep quiet since people out west will still be voting.  Although there is no way to prevent it from being obvious who is the winner if PA goes for Obama. At that point everyone knows there is no way for McCain to win.

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    On PBS' Now last week they interviewed a woman who was still upset that Obama hadn't defended Hillary against media sexism. She couldn't stand McCain but also was angry at Obama. Then they showed a few women in a group she attends and they all felt similar to her and didn't think Palin was all that bad. Some thought she was just fine. I was so appalled. Why no one asked they why Hillary didn't speak up about racism against Obama is beyond me. I'd have liked to hear their answer.  It seemed clear that logic and reason had no part in their decision making. After that I don't feel at all clear about how undecideds will go. These people baffle me.

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    I don't like MD's Ohio poll (11-2-08) which shows McCain +2. Somebody convince me that is hooey.
    Last I saw it was Obama +10 with some other pollster.
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    Exactly what I was going to say. Check Free Republic - that's exactly what they will be saying. And it will be directly related to Obama's visit to see his grandma, too. They knew all along he was really going there to get the birth certificate issue taken care of. This is PROOF. Funny stuff, and it will never end.

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    That last block quote - he said that when he was in Dayton a few weeks ago. I cried it was so moving. It was a great experience being there.

  • On the contrary. I think it looks like we can handle hostile questioning very well.  

    I wonder how McCain would have handled being asked why we shouldn't consider him fascist. Or maybe "Some have compared you to Hitler, how do you respond?"  Her questions were of that caliber and I would respect McCain if he just plain dissed the questioner. That type of thing is beyond the pale.

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    Oh, phooey! People are way overreacting. I can't see one single thing in this story to ever again think about. What does B stand for anyway??? An O, then maybe we have a small story, but even then it's a robber, not some Obama staffer, or volunteer or anything at all. Sheesh!

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    Besides, I went to the Drudge website and the story isn't there.  He must have taken it down. I couldn't find it anywhere on his site.

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    It's not really as you described it. It wasn't a campaign worker. Just a woman with a McCain sticker on her car. And the B was scratched into her face, not carved.  I wouldn't want anything scratched into my face but I'd rather have it scratched than carved.

    I don't see why anyone would see this as anything other than a nut doing a robbery. I don't even see why it would appear on a political blog site. I guess just because the story has an anti-McCain person involved in it?

    Other than sympathizing with the woman, why am I to care about this?


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