So Let's Be Clear About This

I posted this as a comment, but I want to scream this point.

Apparently, as posted in several other diaries, Larry Sinclair is being welcomed at the Hillary Clinton anti-Obama rally. This is the man who made news for making a Youtube video alleging that he had gay sex with Obama, then failed a lie detector test that he was paid to take. He's still pretty popular apparently, the article also says he's being courted by the RNC. Good to know exactly what John McCain's jabber about ethics actually means.

Someone calls Hillary Clinton out for saying white voters don't like Obama and that's absolutely disgraceful. Not only should Obama denounce those remarks, he should denounce Pfleger and specifically get angry about the insult. And that is true, to a degree. Those comments were inappropriate, even if it wasn't the grand hate speech it's being made out to be.

But a guy comes out and makes up a ridiculous lie about Obama having gay sex and doing drugs with him, and he's welcomed with open arms. I say that Hillary should not only denounce Sinclair, she should specifically chastise any of her supporters who would give anything but a cold shoulder to this worm.

If there is anyone here who can't see how all of this is wrong, please just leave. And if you DO think that is wrong, I think you should step back and take a look at the company you're keeping.

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Who Is Being Truly Insulting Here?

Never posted a diary before, but I thought this was a point well worth raising.

We know that McCain has started his blog brigade very publicly. But I'm sure that GOP worms are already wriggling their way through, devoted to the total lack of moral and ethical standards that is their trademark. I don't think we will see pro-GOP remarks from a lot of these people, I think we will see anti-Democratic remarks.

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