• Obama's betrayed promise or Congress's betrayed promise? Who was actually talking there? If we can't get our own party to fight for its platform, then we're just SOL anyway, aren't we?

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    It is Limbaugh's style to do this. Force the GOPers to denounce him even as they follow his every word. And that's fine with me, cause it isn't Rush Limbaugh's name that is so unpopular, it's his ideas and belief system.

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    What Obama should do is to shutdown the negotiation process when the Republicans still refuse to give in one inch. He should tell the American people that at least he tried. Then he needs to twist some arms to get the sixty votes needed to ram his original stimulus plan down the throats of the Republicans. He needs to do this quickly, because history suggests that the window of opportunity to make significant legislative change is in the first six months of the first term of a presidency.

    Seconded and thirded. They're overplaying their hand and Obama should call their bluff.
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    Final option seems to be to just use this obstructionism to say, "We tried to work with you and you wouldn't do it. So we're doing this our way and we won't be asking for your help until you grow the fuck up."

    Meanwhile, I wouldn't mind if Obama completely threw Pelosi under the bus anyway. This bill is atrocious, and it's VERY clear that our representatives have no idea what the fuck they're even supposed to be pushing for.

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    Agreed. The one place everyone found common ground today was apparently that Obama agreed some of the spending sucked. And it did.

    Obama didn't take out transportation funding, our fucking Congress did, apparently. I hope Obama gets that back in there. He'd better return this to what matters.

    That being said, nobody thought the GOP would climb on board in any significant numbers, certainly not in the House. But it will only wind up demonstrating their complete impotence.

  • It ain't that, even. The money coming from the government is not coming to help their businesses, it is coming to help OTHER businesses and, more importantly, private borrowers. Using it to give out executive bonuses or redecorate puts money in the economy, sure, but it doesn't benefit the country.

  • Are you sure it was Oldermann? I thought that was Jon Stewart.

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    That seems likely to me that it wasn't Obama's word. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama just said to keep things going as they were for the time being and that was part of it.

    And before anyone accuses me of blind support, I was in agreement with the strikes anyway. There are better options, but those are long-term.

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    I read that post, it spoke to me, too. I suppose I'm satisfied that his legacy is currently intact. If he were anything but a pariah, I might be upset. But he left Washington in disgrace, and I'm most interested in Obama making sure that nobody else can ever do what he did. If he needs to grant clemency to get cooperation in doing that, then I'll take it.

    That said, Andrew Sullivan posted a letter reminding that Bush did not pardon anyone for such crimes. As such, all prosecution is on the table. The administration simply needs to make the records public and we'll start there.

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    WTF?! Why was I troll-rated?!

  • This and some of his other moves make me extremely happy. Legislation of morality is a big deal for me, and although I have not one doubt that Obama will be a champion of universal moral values, he clearly recognizes that public safety and liberty trumps personal beliefs.

    Compare this to Congress's first term, when Nancy Pelosi allowed funding the wholly discredited abstinence-only sex ed program. Obama isn't all talk, and I hope he gets Congress to stand their ass up.

  • He was nervous. He's never done this before and clearly didn't understand the value of going from a script. I think it's really irresponsible to put the blame for the gaffe on Obama, who was only repeating what Roberts was saying. But this is a silly thing to get upset about.

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    I was not a fan of the booing. Not to his face. He had no choice in being there or not. It wasn't like booing him at a political rally, this was a ceremony. Just as it's frowned upon to scream and shout for your kid at a graduation, so should it be to boo at an event like that.

  • Or in other words, representation comes before equality. Always has, always will. The mechanism exists, don't put the cart before the horse.

  • WRONG. It's pretty much proven that women don't run often enough for office in the first place. First step is to recruit more female candidates. When they start losing, THEN you start bitching.


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