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    What about the parts that work to create new jobs for teachers? The medicaid funding?

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    think about those Democrats who are already unlucky enough to live amongst a bunch of right-wingers...

    I'm one of them. But generally speaking, this simply means you represent your damn district. Oh, I'm sorry, you think this would hurt your voters? THEN FUCKING VOTE LIKE YOUR CAREER DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE IT DOES.

    I agree it's TOTALLY a nuclear option, but the point of it is something that people voting against the bill on principle should pause and think about.

  • The more I think about it, the more I agree and the more I hope Obama pulls out far more of these little "let's give more money to the X program", or at least takes the money and finds ways to spend LESS than allocated on those sections.

    I wanted roads, buildings, bridges, construction, government jobs, and (though not necessarily in stimulus) mass transit. I'm getting a buncha bullshit.

    Tax cuts aren't the problem with this bill. Truth be told, some of the items in the GOP bill make more sense than many of the provisions in ours. And taht sucks.

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    We need many more polls that break down job approval ratings in Congress by party. Not just to humiliate the GOP further, it will give us much better feedback regarding messaging and the overall impression.

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    Chris Matthews is like a new puppy. One day he brings you your newspaper and sleeps in your lap, tomorrow he takes a shit in your shoes.

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    Yes! I'm not upset at the states, I'm upset at the Representatives who ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY pull out rhetoric against government spending while taking more than anyone else. You aware of the chart that shows the amount of money received vs amount given on a state-by-state basis? The only blue state on that top ten list is New Mexico.

    If we force these Reps to put their own asses on the line, maybe they'll think twice before playing national politics when they should be representing their people. It instantly makes this no longer a "free" vote.

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    I think it's insulting that someone would presume the only way to benefit women in stimulus is through their ovaries.

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    Just saw best idea ever to get bipartisan support. To conserve funds, NO stimulus money will be spent in districts where their representatives voted against it.

  • Which is better anyway. Hiding it away in this kind of thing sends the message that the Congress is afraid of taking up this cause, and let's be honest, they are.

    Lest we all forget exactly how little the Democrats of the 110th actually got done.

  • And the reason we care about everything is because so much is so wrong. There is so much that needs to be solved in this country it isn't funny. Just listen to what the GOP conservatives say now, that people won't spend the stimulus because they will save it. And we say, "how are they going to save it when they don't have enough money to pay for their bills from week to week?"

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    Nonono, he's not a shill for anyone except the Nielsen corporation and the ethereal conventional wisdom. If he thought he could get ratings by becoming a rabid Ron Paul devotee, he totally would. Bless him for being so hardcore in saying the media needs to give Obama an open mind, but would he still say that if the poll numbers weren't pointing so far in that direction?

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    If there were someone who could afford to buy Citigroup and take it private, we would be BEGGING AND PLEADING with them to do so, whether they had experience in banking or not. But when the government would do the same thing, suddenly it's a horrifying prospect and recipe for disaster. This despite the fact that Obama's team would clearly hire one of the most bank-friendly and/or savvy people in the industry to run it.

  • If it passes in a healthcare bill of any sort, it will belong there more.

    As for the National Mall, I want to see that as its own bill just so we can have the pleasure of demonstrating that Republicans voted against preserving some of our most important national landmarks.

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    I look forward to the GOP voting largely en masse against this thing and watching them fail miserably. That is, of course, unless our own party fucks us over.

  • Maybe Clyburn needs to have his ass put to the fire with a primary challenger who promises to actually do the hard work of fighting for their constituents well-being.


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