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    Well, I know that much. It's nothing new, you can even see that it was an ongoing issue in the past just from movies like Network and (especially) Broadcast News. I'm not really concerned about having my viewpoint expressed (and definitely not expecting to), but it's embarrassing to listen to her. And more than that, it makes the show dull.

    I think a lot of times, she just gives up because it's easier than trying to argue Joe. But she needs to understand that the entire appeal of the show is watching Joe Scarborough get under people's skin and treat politics like the ridiculous farce that it is. Her entire job on that show is to let Joe piss you off while Mike Barnacle chuckles and Willie tries to defuse the tension. Do your job! Fight Joe! Get pissed!

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    She's not stupid. But she just doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything except herself. Including the state she is still the governor of.

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    BUT... She's not informed enough to win an election. Even her so-called flagship issue just demonstrates her own ignorance. That editorial was a buncha bullshit. I'm not even against drilling in ANWR, but she said there was enough oil for the US for 25 years. That's laughable.

    It's entirely possible that voters will be ready in four years to elect someone completely unproven who gives little to no sign that she has the seriousness it takes to make the hard decisions to run this country, but I highly doubt it.

  • He won't let Obama remove him. That wouldn't be enough to make him a martyr. No, he'll resign in protest if he goes that route. But whatever. He's a smart guy, but not that hard to humble. I say he gets put in charge of the Afghanistan effort and gets anything he wants there. Let him take the blame if/when it goes to hell.

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    Seder would be fantastic. Not only is he a smart guy, he's also a comedian with several comedian friends, which could make for the perfect show to unwind with.

  • I have never for a second thought he spoke for all New York, and I have never thought that he claimed to.

    YOU'RE doing that, but he hasn't been. And frankly, outside of New York, he's absolutely right. Frank has a very bad reputation, but I suspect he really doesn't give a shit whether people like him, and good for him, because that's why he is an effective leader.

    But please remember that the approval rating of Congress is in the 30s. That includes an awful lot of Democrats.

  • What a dismissive, obnoxious and arrogant thing to say.

  • I have TiVo, so it catches both, but after MtP ran late today, I reordered my Season Pass. This Week wins.

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    The stimulus is full of useless crap, and if we're going to be spending a ton of money, I want shit to show for it. As much as is humanly possible. If this Gang puts infrastructure spending back in, I say good on them.

  • The fact that it's so close is an indication that it still is. A bunch of people are probably voting for Steele simply on the basis that they feel a black chairman would be "change" in and of itself.

    These are country club people. And when a country club gets hit for diversity and being behind the times, do they throw the gates open? No, they bring in token members in the hopes that it will mean they can keep doing the exact same thing they've been doing but somehow seem like they've evolved.

  • But this thing went to four votes and is SERIOUSLY split. I don't think we can forget that this is nowhere near a consensus. This wouldn't seem to be the end of the beginning for a new GOP.

  • Of course, any Republican monitoring Democratic sites now knows that the one we don't want is Steele.

  • Look, Rove was never going to tell the truth under oath anyway. I'd much rather have the documents and information "leak" and thoroughly discredit the man. That's much more likely to happen. If Bush had been impeached, he'd have been a martyr. But now he's just pathetic, a pariah anywhere but within 50 miles of his own house.

    But c'mon. You don't know the score by now? Any of the documents that anyone could get their hands on through official channels have long been destroyed.

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    Actually, I've heard some commentary that perhaps the post should just be abolished altogether. What better for a small government Senator than being able to help dismantle a do-nothing privilege cabinet position?

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    Rod Blagojevich: If you were being impeached, he'd vote for you.


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