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    That's so not true. The most successful news network by FAR remains Fox News. If there were any chance of this getting better strictly through ratings and economics, that wouldn't be the case.

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    Well, that has been the failure of our party the last several years. Obama has an ability to mock them in an entertaining way. Pelosi and Reid simply aren't watchable, and even Barney Frank doesn't come off any better than Eric Cantor, although he regularly kicks ass in a debate.

    Perhaps Al Franken will be one part of the solution here. He can feed lines and make mincemeat of the Republican party in a way that most in Congress cannot.

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    I really hope they don't push for the Fairness Doctrine. For one, it would confirm the paranoia that they've been pushing for years now. For another, it would still not solve the real problem. Having Hannity followed by Cenk Uygur doesn't affect anyone listening to Hannity. If MSNBC added a nightly show hosted by Bill Kristol, I wouldn't watch it either.

    The problem is that news shows present opinions at all. It has turned news shows into 24 hour editorial pages, and now that's what everyone expects.

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    Don't speak for me. There are a lot of people that wish to destroy the world as a matter of principle. I'm not crazy about this tactic, but it's necessary simply to keep their process as disrupted as possible while we figure out a better solution.

  • The media will continue to talk about how partisan Obama has been. His approval ratings will remain fairly high, though, because nobody gives a damn how fair you're being to a group of people who, by all accounts, are jackasses.

  • It's only ACORN money in the same way that a subsidy for farmers could be called "tobacco money".

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    Off topic, but I actually had a high school teacher that wore a toupee for years before coming to school without it on. He tried putting it back on a week later, but I guess he got too much ribbing, because he never wore it again.

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    Hey, the thing I like is that they DO realize when it's time to shift strategy.

    And honestly, he might be in a better position regardless. His other option was to come out of the gate swinging and have the same Senators that worked with him be the ones to kill his buzz. And from then on out, he'd have been Clinton, forced to operate from the center.

    But now he actually seems justified in plowing right past them on just about everything. He successfully defined the stimulus as a crisis-level event and the Republicans blocked it. So they have essentially proven to the country that they are an eternal barrier to solving ANYTHING.

    I'm not saying Obama was planning every step of this from the beginning, but he certainly has maneuvered himself into a good position.

  • Next they will be pushing for Social Security to be cut and slashed much moreso than Obama is willing to do. At the exact time that the baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Whom, best I can tell, are the very last true bastion of Republican voters.

    Of course, boomers deserve so much credit for this crisis that they ought to just recuse themselves for Social Security payments. It could be one of the few things they've ever done to make the world a better place.

    And yes, i'm overgeneralizing.

  • BINGO!!!

    That's why all this talk about Obama wasting his time early on struck me as being so wrong. It was necessary because it's what people wanted to see.

    Now that they can clearly see that Republicans have no desire to do anything except pander to the roughly 25% that still like them, they'll cut him some slack when he says that he isn't willing to play anymore.

    It's grownup time.

  • Yup, I'm heartened by the language currently coming out of the white house. They've offered the carrot, now here comes the stick. I think those morons forgot that we have 58 seats, soon to be 59.

  • Happy Checks.

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    Good. Maybe he'll get some fucking practice for next time so he actually does look smarter than Hank Paulson.

  • Nah, they like him more now that he's being decisive. Americans like a President that commands respect and is in control. Now that Obama is framing the debate and standing up to criticism, his poll numbers have gone back up.

    His process wasn't flawed, I don't think, because he really got the GOP to practically disown Snowe & Collins. It could have gone more smoothly, but I can't think of another order that would have worked quite as effectively other than just getting out there and making clear his argument against tax cuts earlier.

  • This is a failure of our media pundits (From 10PM to 8PM). Again. On Morning Joe, we should have seen at least two people bring up this quote. The President should be talking about it at LEAST once or twice a week. It should come up in the town hall meeting tonight. They are ready and willing to shoot themselves in the foot. Can we please start pointing that out?


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