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    Yeah, I agree but always forget. Think I might finally make the switch and replace MyDD in my bookmarks with MM.

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    And extended kudos to Tina Fey for completely understanding who Sarah Palin was from the very beginning. I thought the line from the sketch with McCain where she said she was never going back to Alaska was a little too cynical, that she cared about her state. I guess now I see it differently. You don't put out press releases about your daughter's ex-boyfriend if you're serious about doing your job.

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    She's proven herself to be everything I suspected she was. Self-serving, egotistical and no longer even PRETENDING to care about getting anything of value accomplished. And her friends are definitely awful.

    John McCain managed to dig up some of the worst possible people for his campaign. Can you imagine if he'd actually won?

  • It takes time to build enough public trust to make a move like that. He's moving slowly but steadily in the right direction. The fact that we continue to GET news like this coming almost out of nowhere is a good sign of what the future holds.

    I'd rather see these policies done right than done immediately. But I also love that we're finally seeing the left assert itself at a time when we can actually affect things. 'Tis why I like being on our side. We have plenty of people who aren't unafraid to get angry at our own. I'm not one of them, but I like that it's happening.

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    An excellent start. His unapologetic continuance of the Pakistani air raids along with this will demonstrate that Obama isn't just about smiles and rainbows. If you won't play along, he'll cut your ass down.

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    The people at the tea parties care a lot more about ideology than policy. These aren't fiscal conservatives, they're social conservatives. The deadenders, the Obama conspiracy folk. They talk a good game about the economy, but if you cornered them, you'd learn the truth.

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    I feel for them, if only because it happened so quickly. One day their viewpoint was not only acceptable, it was the norm. And then things just... shifted. Like someone flipped a switch. And suddenly everything was different.

    The reasons behind this are pretty simple, of course, there had been such grassroots pressure to move in this direction that by the time the government and media came around, most of the people were already there. In 2006, it seemed like a pipe dream to expect Americans to put Democrats in charge.

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    If we see right-wingers revert to the violent little monsters they were in the 90s, they will be dead as a culture. There seems to be this attitude amongst the social conservatives that "maybe we'll just have to MAKE them listen by any means necessary". It's actually quite similar to the rich economic conservatives saying, "maybe we'll just have to hoard our money, stop hiring people and MAKE them listen".

    Both these camps are so incredibly tonedeaf it's scary. People will see a standoff with the federal government as an act of defiance and terrorism. People will see a refusal to spend or make money as an act of betrayal that will resort in MORE punishment for the rich. Shit, at the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, that kind of environment is what allows an idea like, "we'll just lock the Jews up and take their money ourselves" to take hold.

    No, to regain power and rejoin society, they have to start playing along. I almost hope that they take longer to learn, though, because I want to make sure they're as poisonous right now as they will ever be.

  • But it's a good place to start.

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    I'm happy for Kal Penn, and I have much respect for him for getting involved. Perhaps more actors SHOULD get involved in politics in this way rather than use their celebrity to try and win elections. It could not only inspire young people to get into government, it would also allow the actors to serve government while not making themselves an issue.


    It's not my gain, because the show will suck at least in the short term. Kutner had become the comic relief that Chase always provided, and that the show desperately needs, even moreso now. So now we need a House-Wilson war, House-Cuddy war (neither of which seem likely), or some other character to step it up and start getting quippy. I don't like it.

    Kal Penn, you have screwed me!!!

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    I want Siegelman's conviction overturned, too.

  • We tried to tell thsoe fuckers, and they insisted we were just overreacting. We weren't.

    The morons don't seem to understand that their talk about revolution and standing up means murdering Americans. LOTS of Americans. Enough to compensate for all the people that would oppose them.

    We are undoubtedly going to see more of this, but the good news is that when we do, it will mean the death of this brand of conservativism once and for all and the end of the ability for people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to bait people without anyone caring. I wouldn't be in favor of curbing their freedom of speech, but I bet we could make their lives miserable enough without having to resort to anything like that. We just have to start treating what they said seriously.

  • I was going to comment, but you've got it covered.

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    Surreal and telling. If there was any chance they could pull off a serious terrorism attack here, they wouldn't be claiming credit for this. Ditto if they felt like the terrorism movement still had a lot of steam.

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    Yeah, I have no doubt they are liberal. But there's more to it than that. Whiff is a good word for it. There's just a certain air of arrogance and dismissal and "I knew this would happen" that is just uglier than I'm used to seeing.


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