Gustav Response: Why Obama is The Service Candidate

Called it! When it became clear that McCain was going to use the hurricane to try and squeeze political points, I said Obama should use his army of volunteers to try and get assistance to the victims. While this might score political points, it would certainly be the fundamentally decent thing to do. Fortunately for all of us, Obama is a fundamentally decent man.

Sen. Obama gathered the pool outside after services at St. Luke's Lutheran Church. He told us that his camapaign plans to mobilize its huge e-mail list of supporters to volunteer or send money once the impact of Gustav becomes apparent and authorities know better what kind of help is needed. He said his campaign is coordinating with local authorities.

"We can activate an e-mail list of a couple million people who want to give back," he said. "I think we can get tons of volunteers to travel down there if it becomes necessary."

Your pooler asked him if McCain's visit now is appropriate.

His response: "A big storm like this raises bipartisan concerns and I think for John to want to find out what's going on is fine."

"The thing that I always am concerned about in the middle of a storm is whether we're drawing resources away from folks on the ground because the Secret Service and various security requirements, sometimes it pulls police, fire and other departments away from concentrating on the job."

"I'm assuming that where he went that wasn't an issue. Were going to try to stay clear of the area until things have settled down and then we'll probably try to figure out how we can be as helpful as possible."

While John McCain seems to think that service is about individual effort, Obama understands that the path to service is through collective action. I can think of no better example.

As for Obama and my prediction, all I can say is that Obama constantly lives up to my better inclinations and steers clears of my worst ones. I wasn't originally an Obama guy, but I am now.

On a less political note, we should all have the residents of that area in our thoughts and/or prayers, and when we get that email, I hope we can all respond.

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Re: Gustav Response:

I'd like to see the response to the video now permeating the MSM today showing 2 top obama campaign officials rejoicing and laughing on tape about Gustav hitting NO at this time?

I would post the video I just saw showing this. However, the confident MYDD obama supporters HR rate it because in their make believe land, if you HR rate a MSM story on MYDD it just magically disappears from the net and MSM.

by shattertheceiling 2008-08-31 09:11AM | 0 recs
How about

making a diary on it, and stop spamming other people's unrelated diaries? THAT's why you're getting doughnuts.

by Neef 2008-08-31 09:15AM | 0 recs
Re: How about

sure - allow me to write one and I will. This diary speaks directly about Gustav. But like I said before. Mydd obama supporters have zero confidence in the candidate being able to handle any hiccups and think they rule the MSM news cycle by HR rating news that I know many find it astoundingly stupid of our party officials to not only say such things but to get caught on video on top of that.

by shattertheceiling 2008-08-31 09:18AM | 0 recs
no, what you're doing

is spamming.  You put that in my diary about Sarah Palin.

Yeah, it's a concern.  The Republicans will play it for everything it's worth, and unfortunately, Fowler gave them that opportunity.

Doesn't excuse spamming, so knock it off.

by hekebolos 2008-08-31 09:23AM | 0 recs
Re: How about

Because it's irrelevant and you are spreading a fundamental lie in it. Change it to say that two DEMOCRATIC officials without ties to Obama said it and you'd be accurate.

by vcalzone 2008-08-31 09:25AM | 0 recs
Re: How about

Actually, I take that back. ONE Democratic official without any ties whatsoever to Obama said it. In actuality, Don Fowler was a Hillary Clinton endorser.

by vcalzone 2008-08-31 09:26AM | 0 recs
Do you know the difference

between a "comment" and a "diary"?

You want to say something, fine, but other people have issues they want to discuss too. You are disrespecting their effort by spamming their diaries. Make your own.

by Neef 2008-08-31 09:31AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

You mean Don Fowler and John Spratt? Well, they aren't two top officials in the Obama campaign that I know of. If they are, they might be on the state level. Looking on Google, as I suggest you do before making an ass of yourself, it seems that Fowler has almost no connection to the campaign, and Spratt is just a delegate, one of several thousand, and he isn't even the one who made the remark.

Beyond that, I heard this joke all over the place in the last few days. "God is a democrat", etc.

by vcalzone 2008-08-31 09:24AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

Permeating the MSM? Oh dear! Let's check the major web sites...

Nope, nothing on MSNBC.... ditto for CNN... let's check FoxNews, they'd be all over this kind of thing! ...funny, I can't find it anywhere. I bet Drudge Report will have picked it up! ...huh. Well, if it's permeating the mainstream media, it sure is doing a crappy job.

In conclusion, YOU FAIL.

by Cincinnatus 2008-08-31 09:26AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

But yeah, thanks for filling my diary discussing how glad I was about Obama making a practical, not political, response with some dishonest political gotcha game that doesn't accomplish anything.

by vcalzone 2008-08-31 09:28AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

"dishonest" is rather mild.  Two top Obama campaign officials?  Don Fowler?  Is that a joke?

By the way, I was checking the other thread to see who the asshole was who mojo'd her putting that tape up, and it was you.  You might want to fix that.

by Jess81 2008-08-31 11:30AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

I just want people to see it so that they can't keep playing that HR card. Tired of people saying things extra-awful because they know it will be hide-rated anyway. But perhaps I should do that in my own diary instead.

by vcalzone 2008-08-31 11:44AM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

k.  I thought that's what you might have been doing until I saw you hr it here.

by Jess81 2008-08-31 12:17PM | 0 recs
I'm all HR all day now

maybe that will be some cue to the moderators that the population of MyDD is not in favor of pro-GOP commentary or anti-Dem-ticket attacks.

No real hope of that, but HRing us still fun and saves the replying to trash...

by chrisblask 2008-08-31 03:20PM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response:

I listened and watched your video.  A whole lot of nothing. Laughing at the Republicans not the folks of Nw Orleans. PLus as somebody else has said Fowler is not part of he campaign just part of the DNC. And the other person who ever it is - inaudible.

by jsfox 2008-08-31 10:55AM | 0 recs
I live in FLA

and will go up for a few days if there is anything I can do.

Good diary, I agree with your point.  Obama is an organizing machine and we/he need to use that for more than just electing people.  Anyone who wants to develop a positive view of the possible should try helping their fellow man for no reason other than it is the right thing to do, you get a free bonus buzz that beats a spamming a diary with troll fodder (you know who you are) by a country mile.

by chrisblask 2008-08-31 03:24PM | 0 recs
Re: I live in FLA

Hello Chris, If you need anything are can get word to folks about organizations that are helping, I hope that you will post it on myDD.

I think this is great that Sen Obama and Sen McCain want to help the folks on the coast.

Florida has just has the heck and back due to these storms for a while now. They're now having issues as to insurance coverage. Which should be talked about while they're at it. Same for FEMA.

Take care Chris  

by 12 dogs and a blog 2008-08-31 04:44PM | 0 recs
Re: Gustav Response: Why Obama is The Service Cand

Hey was that batman movie good?

by dtaylor2 2008-09-18 04:06AM | 0 recs


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