And So It Begins

"Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle subpoenas Cunningham coconspirator #1 Brent Wilkes in his on-going investigation of Tom DeLay."

The story in its entirety is running at The San Jose Mercury News of all places. That's where Comrade Joshua's TPM, at least, links to. Look for this to be Page a2 political news at papers across the nation tomorrow morning.

This is really bad -- no, no I mean bad-- news for the GOP money elite and the K-Street Project alumni. It is the convergence that my friends and I have been thinking might happen when the various indictments, investigations and grand juries start bumping into one another...

The question remains, though: who can bring it all together... Will it be Fitzmas all year long? Will Duke get some sort of lessening of his sentence if he rolls? This gets awfully close to the Abramoff investigation, given that he was one of Duke's minions...

All it will take is a few key gatekeepers to feel the branch creek and this whole thing comes down like a house of cards.

You toss in a bunch of career prosecutors exiled to the DOJ Public Integrity section looking for payaback, mix that with a federal judiciary filled with career district judges who will gleefully reassert the respect for authority that they feel has been sadly missing from administration officials and other GOP types in the past few years, and we've got a ball game.

No, these thugs and grifters will get no love when they stand tall in front of The Man.

So perhaps, even now, there is a race underway to see who gets their lawyer down to the U.S. Attorney's office before the muzak stops.

No one's under-sub-assistant-aide-du-jour wants to be the guy who does 36 months at Danbury and loses his bar card because his Yoda decided to get greedy and stoopid.

Every criminal enterprise eventually spawns a rat...

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Prosecutors will want to make their bones
The tide is going to be turning in the office of the prosecutors as well. Now that Ronnie Earl has taken the initial heat and survived quite nicely, thank-you very much, these prosecutions are going to be career makers.

Elliot Spitzer's example will also give prosecutors encouragement to go after big fish and it's about time.

by Gary Boatwright 2005-12-13 05:04PM | 0 recs


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