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    The churches will get free airwave money under federal order over my dead fucking body
  • hopefully the lesson that the DNC gets is NOT, NOT that winning candidates have to be idiotically conservative on "moral" issues themselves.

    Where the hell did these voters come from?

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    She's been around for a while, and won massively, and doesn't need to run again till 2010.  
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    The challengers did their job--forced some voters to go provisional, and others to leave as the lines in Ohio got so rediculous that some precincts were still voting at midnight eastern.  

    It seems like the networks were getting the estimated number of provisional ballots from past elections, I'm coming to think that there are a lot more of these ballots than these guesses of 100K.

    At least the Dems still have 1/3 of the Senate, and can block dumbass Supreme Court appointments

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    How Cheney can get from Nevada to Iowa to Honolulu in one day, and then be able to appear in Wyoming the next day, and still make two more appearances in two more states.  At the end of the campaign, the man is either going to tear someone's head off with his bare hands, or collapse with exhaustion.
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    The only real answer that I see is removing local control of school districts entirely, or, at the minimum, funding schools out of state coffers on a per-student basis, rather than through the neo-segregation of property taxes (and, by the way, RURAL schools are every bit as bad off, and in many cases, worse off, than inner-city schools).

    However, it seems to me that the school system is one that is best adressed through the state governments and the courts, which our electorate constantly has trouble understanding, particularly with the press's distaste for dealing with state level politics.  Hence Dubya's ability to run on education in 2000.  

    The problem lies in local school boards that are often staffed by people who often elect to send their children to private school, and whose concern for the district is often dwarfed by ignorant wedge issues like evolution.

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    How does one identify this internal clevage of independents in a survey, independently of measuring party id?

    If we weight for this, shouldn't one also weight for cleavages within the party faithful (i.e., those who would vote for ANY dem candidate, those (in a generic election) at risk to defect to a 3rd party, those at risk to defect to the Rethugs, etc...)


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