Personal Autonomy: a constitutional amendment

So, the Republicans in Congress have had the oppotrunity to have their fun with a flag burning amendment.  Maybe it will motivate their base, and place a nice wedge on the left.  Maybe.

But why not try the same thing against them?  What's keeping the dems from offering their own constitutional amendment?  In particular, why not push for a constitutional amendment that guarantees personal autonomy?  Perhaps with something like this: [extended]

Neither the United States, nor any individual States, shall claim rights to the person of any individual, nor shall they pass any law that would restrict the ability of an adult to determine the treatment of their own person.

This is almost certainly too strong to be politically palatable, but something along these lines--a Constitutional amendment, properly worded, that would protect the non-criminal's right to their own body, whether it be against prision terms of indefinite lengths, anti-abortion laws, or anti-drug statutes.  

Something that the Republicans couldn't stand to vote for, but would, in the proper context, and with the proper PR campaign, make the Democrats look very good, and the Republicans look very bad.  Something that would take the title of freedom back from the warmongerers.

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