Arguing about what to do with a Iraq bill is pointless

And Bush is now threatening a veto on the current "short leash" bill.  This is just more of an example of the reason why Chris' Bowers post from before the original bill was passed is still so relevant:

It doesn't matter what bill the Democrats send to the White House.  So long as a bill give Congress any power to restrict what Bush does in Iraq in any possible way, Bush will veto that bill.  It is wholly irrelevant what the exact bill is.  It is irrelevant whether the bill sets timetables, benchmarks, or requires him to report to Congress.  Any restriction is unacceptable to him, and any restriction will be vetoed.  He is trying to shift responsibility for losing the war onto the Democrats.

All that Pelosi and co. need to do is keep on sending him back bills that he finds unacceptable, and go on TV, continually asking the the following question of the media (and anyone else who will listen):

Why won't the president fund the war?

Hell, even The Onion has figured it out.

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Re: Arguing about Iraq bill is pointless

Just write up the one that gets through Congress the most quickly.  The actual text is unimportant.  He will veto anything

by Valatan 2007-05-10 11:33AM | 0 recs


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