Thoughts on the Clinton Campaign, MI, FL, & Pop Vote

Note: This is a follow-up to a diary I posted yesterday. If you support Clinton, I urge you to read this diary, but I'm not sure you're going to like it. I'm not writing this to urge you to stop supporting her, but as an explanation of why, in my estimation, this contest is essentially over, and why I wrote the previous diary.  Again, I'm not calling for Senator Clinton to drop out - quite the opposite. I fully expect and want her to stay in. Having said that, many have asked me to more clearly explain my reasoning, especially to combat the puzzlement of `Why are you saying this now, right after a major victory?'

Well, if you're interested, please read on. I make the supposition that Clinton has lost - please don't take this to mean that the contest is over; it's not. I simply believe it is practically over. Clinton supporters will of course by necessity not like the conclusions, but I urge them at least to read through it and understand that these are my reasons, and I wholeheartedly support YOUR support for Senator Clinton. What follows is, essentially an argument in two parts - 1) why Clinton lost, or fundamental mistakes she made, and 2) a brief discussion of perennial favorite topics MI, FL, and the popular vote.

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Indiana: Obama 48% - Clinton 47%

I'm surprised this hasn't been brought up here, seeing as we're all dying of thirst for new poll numbers. It's a timely poll, conducted 4/23 - 4/24, and the numbers couldn't be closer:

Clinton 47%
Obama 48%

The demographics released show a familiar refrain:

Voters over 60:
Clinton 59, Obama 35

Clinton 53, Obama 45

The Young (18-29):
Obama 66, Clinton 33

The General Election:
McCain 51, Obama 43
McCain 52, Clinton 41

Update [2008-4-24 21:43:33 by VAAlex]:: Don't know what I was thinking not including the source ... mea culpa!

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The Sunset Begins

I wholeheartedly support Clinton. Despite all of her flaws, despite all of her campaign missteps, despite everything that's happened, I truly believe she would be a great president. Out of the three potential Senators remaining in the race -- Obama, Clinton, and McCain, I truly and passionately believe Senator Clinton would be the best choice. I look at her record in the Senate, I look at the dedication she has shown to issues I care about -- particularly veterans affairs issues, which I feel that Senator Obama is weak on, and I'd like to hear more from him on this -- and I truly believe she would be an excellent president.

Alas, it is not to be. As many of you on here know, I've been a staunch -- and I hope worthy -- defender of Senator Clinton on this site. I've argued with passion and facts, and not as a zealot. However, at the same time I see a shaky, contorted path for Clinton, I realize it's time to face facts.

Senator Obama has done what few have been able to do for the Democratic Party, and for this I am proud to support him.

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Troll Rating -- let's cut the crap

I'll make this short, and I hate short diaries.

We need to all cut the crap when it comes to troll ratings.

Troll ratings are not meant as a way to disagree with a comment. If you disagree with it, stand up for your thoughts and respond with words. Troll ratings are meant to point out troll behavior and point out someone who obviously doesn't belong here.

I've seen way too much of this lately, and it only seems to be increasing.

You want something to do instead of sitting here and troll rating those comments you don't agree with? Chill out and donate some money or time to your chosen candidate:

Hate 'em both? Fork some over for Democrats.

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Hillary Cherry Tree Blossom, Obama Oak Pine





Got it? OK, good.

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Hillary & Tracking Polls -- a curious note

Although in the past I've stated that I don't rely on polls, especially daily tracking polls at this point, I've noticed something curious about the tracking polls. It's not a huge point, but it begs a little thought and analysis. I'm especially curious in what you all think.

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What Needs to Happen at the Debate Tonight

It's been a long, ridiculous primary season, and we are about to enter our 481st debate of the season. Some would argue, we've had too many as it is. I would argue that's partially right but misses the point - I view this debate as an opportunity for both candidates to engage on the issues that are haunting them and to try to restore a little bit of harmony to the primary process. So, in no particular order, here's what I think needs to happen:

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FL & MI Counted: Would it actually HURT Hillary?

Let me start by saying although I do support Clinton, I have absolutely nothing against Obama and actually do like him. Unlike some around here, I don't think it would be the end of the world if he were nominated. Having said that ...

After reading about the status of Michigan and Florida's revotes as all-but-dead, it got me thinking about what would happen if Michigan and Florida were counted in full (although not going to happen, definitely not as they currently stand).

After the break for a little number crunching.

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